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Sonia G and I am here to be your Cosmic Guide through exciting Higher Consciousness Experiences that bridge the gap between Heaven & NewEarth during this LightBody birthing phase of Ascension.  I am the self nominated Queen of the Astral Planes.

It’s been said that we are made out of light and stardust, and we feel that magic! With astra planes shifting and ascension systems being felt physically and emotionally for many intuitives and the energetically-sensitive, we wanted to learn more about lightcodes and how they activate our DNA for higher frequencies.

We connected with Sonia G., one of the teachers of our founder, Amber-Lee. who shared some powerful tips, tricks and even a meditation for us all to be at optimal health.

What exactly are light codes and how do they work?

Sonia G: Light codes are strings of information held in light that look like sacred geometry shapes. They are coding sequences that go to activate new abilities inside our DNA and cellular structures when utilized properly.

How can we access them and are there specific cosmic transits that make them more potent, for example, on a full moon?

Sonia G: They are "downloadable" in Sunlight, MoonLight, Star and Planetary transmissions here on the ground of planet Earth, as well as by accessing the astral planes via astral projection or etheric body to "go get them" anytime. There are cosmis transits that facilitate the opening of wormholes which make it easier for us to receive the transmission. Kinda like having the super highway with no stop lights that you can just "get there real quick".

Is there a specific meditation or ritual you use?

Sonia G: Yes Astral Travel connection - specifically every day I connect to "Heaven and Earth" creating the alchemy of that frequency in my heart and expanding it in my aura. It takes me a few minutes to do it now but it used to take practice. I teach it in multiple ways, with different songs and affirmations added to them in my courses and online.

How do light code upgrades support our physical health?

Sonia G: They have the ability to reprogram what our cells know to do, for example for me, I used to get sick all the time... like aaaallll the time. Someone would sneeze and I’d get sick. Then I figured out to download codes and integrate the upgraded programs and now I am healthy as can be, my immune system is so strong, and I don't get sick anymore! Crazy, wild and true.

What should we keep in mind the first time we integrate or upgrade our light codes?

Sonia G: There are protocols to be used to download and integrate these codes and when that doesn't happen then the re-coding doesn't work. I often say you'll end up "peeing out your light codes," like vitamins that don't absorb. Not because the light codes don't work, but because the process didn't take place correctly so it didn't absorb or integrate in the DNA.

What are the protocals to activate Source Code?

Sonia G: The protocols are a series of instructions for the body, mind and spirit to follow*. The bullet points are:

1. Clear your old, stagnant energy and stories out of your energy field.

2. Get grounded and connected to your higher self via illuminating your chakra pillar by running light through your chakras.

3. Get into your heart and get very intentional about the codes you are calling in, and your desired outcome.

4. Open the crown chakra for the light codes to be able to to download & bring them into your body by intention, decree, command and using your breath.

5. Integrate & lock in. In the coming days, stay in alignment with the new light codes that are now active so they can fully integrate. Then you'll have the codes for the energy of, “No big deal, I’ve got this”!

Half of Source Code is about this process and how to lock it in, and the other half is about going multidimensional with it!

*You’ll want to check out Sonia’s courses below to go deeper, as this truly is an art!

What are some important light codes to activate for immune support?

Sonia G: Detox and Ability to Let Go Codes, Belief Coding. Ancestral Genetic Re-Writing Codes, is also a huge one. Our immune system is tied to coding inside of our bloodlines that literally goes back thousands of years.

Are there light code upgrades we can use to counteract any pharmaceutical intervention?

Sonia G: Yes. Higher Frequency Sealing Codes seal up sequences of our DNA so they don't get "tampered with".

What are some rituals or activations we can incorporate to support our nervous system?

Sonia G: Breathwork and Higher Self integration Rituals are the key. Our nervous systems need our help in learning to hold more light, so we train ourselves to be able to do that.

Anything else you would like to share!?

Sonia G: Light Codes are like software upgrades to the human body. Sometimes it can take a bit longer than you thought, or get tricky, but don't give up on your upgrades. If it doesn't work the first time, learn more about how to do the process and do it again! It is so worth it!

Sonia also has a free meditation bundle for you!


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