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PRISM interview with Dulce Ruby



Dulce Ruby is an artist of written, visual, and audio formats within the realms of consciousness, awakening, and dreams. She is also the creator of @DESPIERTA.ONE your daily dose of magic. Botanical plant based blends infused with crystals to help you dream, sleep and awaken. 

As a conscious-creator, her aim is to create works and tools that awaken the masses into remembrance of who they truly are through exploration of both our inner & outer worlds.

Creator & Host of WAKING REALM, an original show on CETV.

We’ve all had those moments in a dream when we recognize we’re dreaming. Imagine using that lucidity to access teachings and frequencies from higher realms, to integrate and utilize to form our waking reality.

Are you ready to quite literally, and intentionally, start manifesting your dreams?


We caught up with Dulce Ruby, international speaker, lucidity researcher/developer, and an artist of written, visual, and audio formats within the realms of consciousness, awakening, and dreams, and she’ s sharing her dream-process with us.

Dulce Ruby has been a pioneer in the spiritual movement.

She organized and led a world peace tour leading meditations alongside a renowned monk from the Dhammakaya temple which she documented and published under her project Soul Traveler, and has hosted retreats & events around the globe for big brands such as LUSH Cosmetics, British Polo Day, Under Armour, and more. 

She has been published in multiple magazines & journals, including being featured on Huffington Post’s GPS For The Soul as “a daily meditation artist to look out for” and ELLE Magazine naming her “the most inspiring Instagram account to follow to reach your Zen.” She is best known for her awakening meditations, poetic prose, and dreamy visuals that teleport you to other worlds!

Let’s learn how to implement her dream-magic into our practices!

What is dream work?

Dulce Ruby: For years, this term had been used primarily to define the exploration of dreams and their meaning (mainly on a psychological level) - but it is now growing to encompass all aspects of our dreams and how we may utilize them to transform our lives. I’ve personally developed new methods and tools, based on ancient practices and inner gnosis, to expand upon ‘dreamwork' to include a summation of various exercises, modalities and spiritual rituals we can utilize to gain clarity, heal, awaken to and manifest our dream reality (and of course explore dream interpretation if we so desire). Through our dreams we are more capable of not only further exploring & understanding ourselves and our most inner workings, but more equipped to manifest our dream realities, here & now.


Can you explain the concept of "As above, so below" as it relates to dreamwork?

Dulce Ruby: Of course! As I mentioned, through our dreams we are gifted the opportunity to hone our dream reality in waking life, and because the layout of higher realms is the way it is, the astral plane may then be utilized as a foundation for our waking dream - what we call ‘real life’. If we are aware of the mapping of planes and their location relative to our own, we begin to see how the lower & higher astral realms are directly above us while on the physical plane - therefore bringing clarity to ‘as above, so below’ - The more we practice and become lucid in our dreams, the more we are capable of awakening to & bring them into reality. 


What dimension are we in when we are dreaming?

Dulce Ruby: When we are asleep, our spirit often ’travels’ into the astral plane and beyond. Dimensionally, we physically remain here on the 3D/Material/mental/earthly plane of existence, but our consciousness and spirit may go far beyond that.

What steps can we take to access lucidity in a dream state?

Dulce Ruby: Lucid dreaming, just as with any other skill, takes practice and I always believe that the first step one can take is setting their intention before bed. Building your nighttime ritual around this can be an ultra helpful tool in the beginning of your journey because it helps build a strong foundation and begins to open doors to the unseen. More on this later.

What's one practice we can all do tonight to start our dreamwork journey?

Dulce Ruby: Going back to the previous question regarding steps, setting intention and giving purpose to your dreamwork journey is key. Tonight, disconnect from the world an hour prior to going to bed (cell phone, computer, tv - off ), do some breathing exercises, meditate (clear your mind), and journal a few things you were grateful for today - release anything that may otherwise keep you up all night (thoughts, feelings/emotions, tasks that need to get done the following day, etc.) and your intention for dreamtime. What is it that you are hoping to accomplish through your dreams? Are you looking for answers, working on healing trauma or programming, or seeking to create the life of your dreams..? Now is the time to start voicing this dream into the ether and onto your journal.


What steps can we take to create our reality here on Earth using our dreams?

Dulce Ruby: Awakening in our day to day - practicing presence and heightening our awareness - is key to creating our dream reality, here on Earth. The more we set our intention and are grateful for our current reality, the more our dream reality comes into play. It’s still a very new and unspoken about concept, but I believe it to be a profound practice and is what my work has revolved around for the past couple decades based on my lifelong practice and experience while manifesting my dream reality.


What are your best tips to allow our dreams to manifest on Earth by taking inspired action, rather than engaging in forceful, desperate action?

Dulce Ruby: Listen to your Heart and allow your Soul to lead the way. More often than not, we already know what we truly desire but become stuck while our mind runs perpetually giving us every reason under the Sun as to why it can not be, what others may think/say, etc. The less time, or better yet, ENERGY you give to your inner-critic, doubts, fears or limitations, the more time you’ll have for soul-filled action and curiosities that truly fill your being with LIFE.

What crystals can open us up to our dreams? 

 Dulce Ruby: Oooh! Always a fun question as have had about 2 decades of working with crystals professionally. There are a few I always recommend if you’re doing deep dreamwork or simply wishing to have a more serene sleep (or what I like to call sweet dreams).  

But a word of caution, if you are looking for a peaceful night’s rest, some of the crystals I’ll mention are VERY powerful and will have you traveling about the astral all night (keeping your mind and spirit active), so I will break it down to two categories:

  • Sweet Dreams and Lucid Dreams.
  • For Lucid dreams, Lapiz Lazuli is my go to, but I also love Angel Aura Quartz, Lodolite and for the most advanced practictioner due to its potency - Moldavite.
  • For Sweet Dreams and a peaceful sleep, I always recommend something soothing and effective such as Moonstone, Amethyst, Howlite, Lepidolite and Rose Quartz.


Anything else you want to share?

Dulce Ruby: I’ve spent my life practicing dreamwork and mirror work, and still to this day am continuously learning, evolving and unraveling my practice and gnosis. These things take time, patience, and a genuine desire to expand our being. It is so important to know and remember that our spiritual journey is neither a checklist nor a race. We are not here to compare ‘where we are’ or ‘what we have experienced’ - we are here to explore, remember and awaken further to who we truly are what is possible in this life and beyond.

Please, if you have any interest in improving your sleep, exploring lucid dreaming, or awakening to your dream reality - stay tuned and follow me on Instagram @dulceruby as I prepare to launch, release, and share more as time unfolds!

Until then - See you in the stars…






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