The History of Jewelry & Spirituality

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Today most people wear jewelry as a way to define their personal style. Jewelry is commonly considered to be a fashion accessory, or a memento to celebrate special milestones in life. However the original findings of jewelry date back to over 25,000 years ago.

Here is a look at a few of the originating cultures to both create jewelry and infuse their spiritual beliefs into the craftsmanship, design and most importantly the intention of wearing jewelry. 

Jewelry For Protection

The energy we surround ourselves with gets absorbed by our bodies and these days there is no shortage of uncertainty and negativity all around us. Energetic protection is the best gift that we can give ourselves, and our loved ones.  Raising our vibration to release the negativity and wearing intentional jewelry to shield and protect us from these low frequency vibrations. 

Egyptians wore talismans and amulets adorned in gold and gemstones and they strongly believed in the symbolism of the "Ankh" the symbol of life to protect against evil spirits, illness and disease.

Here are the best PRISM pieces to wear for the ultimate spiritual protection and raising your vibration. 

The 5D collection is your guide to seeing life through higher consciousness, compassion and pure love. In the fifth dimension you possess sovereignty and freedom. When you're connected to your highest consciousness you're living in your highest frequency, transmuting negativity and are saving yourself.  




Jewelry For Symbols of Prosperity

Jewelry in ancient Greece was often designed rich in gold, gemstones and was a symbol of prosperity. The Greek culture viewed jewelry as a symbol of power, social status, ward against evil, celebration of the gods and goddesses. However the main purpose was to showcase their extreme wealth, status, and personal style as jewelry was expensive and hard to attain during this era. 

We hold the power to our prosperity and abundance. Everyday we have the choice to attract more abundance and prosperity into our lives. Here are the PRISM pieces we wear to attract all the prosperous vibes our way. 

Exude radiance in our stunning Sunray Collection. Inspired by your Solar Plexus Chakra, your inner sunshine, your spark, your motivation, your je ne sais quoi. When you shine your brightest you attract the most vibrant and prosperous life. 


Jewelry For Manifestation

The Indian culture was one of the first to begin making jewelry approximately 5,000 years ago. The history of Indian jewelry is not only for the personal adornment but the spiritual connection to manifesting love, wealth, and beauty.  The strong Indian tradition of women adorning themselves to showcase their ultimate beauty was believed to attract and manifest everything they desired. This tradition has lived on through to modern times. 

Jewelry worn with intention can be one of the greatest tools in your manifestation practice. Here are the PRISM pieces we suggest to wear for manifesting success, love and all your hearts truest desires. 

The Celestial collection is your connection to the quantum realm, where anything and everything is possible. 


Jewelry For Physical Wellness & Health

The Mayan culture was one of the most advanced civilizations of their time, and of of the earliest to produce jewelry. To begin they mainly carved jewelry out of organic substances such as bone, teeth, claws and stones later incorporating bronze, silver and gold as precious metals weren't readily available. They believed that the jewelry they wore had benefits for their health, wellness and being buried with the deceased to protect them into their afterlife. 

Physical wellness and health is one of the most crucial pillars in our lives. It's so important to protect our mental and physical wellness. At PRISM we prioritize our daily rituals of meditation, moving our bodies and adorning ourselves like the goddesses we are. These are the PRISM pieces that you can wear to remind yourself daily to find balance in your life, and the beauty in the present moment. 

The PRISM Ananda Mantra necklace represents pure bliss, joy and presence. The ancient Indian word "Ananda" inspires us to find a constant state of happiness and bliss. It's a reminder to be express gratitude for the simple, pleasant moments, such as being in nature, spending time with loved ones, petting a dog, or simply focussing your attention on your heart and the happiness that exists in simply being still. (Left Picture) 

The PRISM Celestial Moon necklace honours the uniqueness of your shadow, your light, and everything in between. Your Moon Sign in your Zodiac Chart represents your emotional self, your subconscious, a side of you that is only seen by a select few that are closest to you. (Right Picture)  


 Whether worn to protect against evil spirits, illness and diseases, to manifest love, fertility and wealth or adorning the deceased to protect them into their afterlife jewelry has always had a spiritual significance. Here at PRISM we strongly believe in the intentionality of wearing our jewelry and the extra special effects it can have on our mind, body and spirit. 

Chantelle O'Reilly GIA G.J., Co-Founder of PRISM & Jewelry Designer

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