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Written by Ashley Cantley

Ashley Cantley is a certified Feng Shui Expert

Ashley is also a Human Design Reader, Akashic records reader, and the EVP of Talent & Casting for Stream Moko





If you’re not using your home to manifest a life you love yet, now is the time. When you pair the magic of Feng Shui with Astrology, you’ve got a personalized roadmap for designing a home that makes achieving your dream life feel effortless…

Why? Because your home literally determines how you feel, what you think about, and how you behave.

Imagine living in the home of your dreams. Every room feels like luxury, every nook and cranny is clean, the house is filled with natural light, and it’s just the right temperature.

Now, think about living in a tiny cramped apartment. The window look out to an alleyway of a crowded city and right below the window is a smelly dumpster that wafts through your space. The apartment is damp, cluttered, and little roaches run along the floor.

Can you see how you might behave differently in your dream home vs. the other home? In your dream home, you would step out into the world radiating energy that draws in people and opportunities and in the other apartment you would repel your dreams.

Your home is one of the keys to manifesting major abundance. Add astrology into the mix and you’ve got a super powerful way to keep the energy flowing according to your personal needs, making your home a magnet for the opportunities that are meant for you.

This Feng Shui guide according to your Astrological sign will remove blocks that are limiting you from being the best version yourself, enhance the energy of your home so that you’re vibrating at the highest level, create peace, and help you draw in abundance.


Aries, you love and deserve the spotlight and one way to channel that energy in your home is by incorporating any shade of the colour red or a shade that you love like hot pink, fiery orange, and even fiery yellow or purple (the colours you see in a fire)- all the colours that say, ‘I’m worthy of attention’. Swap out pillowcases with these colours, hang art, and get creative. You’re ambitious and competitive so focusing on the career/life journey area of your home (enter through the door and look to the front middle area of your home) is a way to make sure you shine. Clean it, declutter, and add art that inspires you. Paint the walls black or bring in black décor to really align. Watch out for doors or windows in the fame area of your home (when you walk in the door it’s the back middle section) that will block your path to attention. Fix it with a beautiful quartz crystal, the bigger the better, or a round Swarovski crystal. And Aries, if you have a tendency to get bossy and impatient more than usual, keep yourself in check by dialing back the bright colours in your home or the high-energy items (like animal print or flashy art).


Taurus, you are in your element at home. Spend a little more money and time curating every detail of your space - find dishware that you love, the softest most luxurious bed sheets, fine artwork, and everything in between. Make sure your home is a balance of textures, materials, and colours to stimulate your senses. Bring in faux carpets, velvet pillows, trendy plants, metallic sculptures, organic cloths, wood furniture, deep earthy tones, and pops of colours. The things you have in your home that will create the most blocks in your life are shirts with holes, furniture with nicks, broken pottery, or anything too worn. Replace them immediately. And Taurus, if you’re being too stubborn, it’s time to clear out some of the wood furniture, pare down the plants, and swap out the muted tones for brighter colours.


Gemini, you have the gift of communication so latch on to colours like white, silver, gold, and pastels to support that energy. Design your space with round shapes, and hang artwork featuring twinkling stars, planets, or the moon. And, keep your windows clean and with a clear view outside so you can be inspired by the sky. As a Gemini you’re adventurous so design your home to make it easy for you to explore a new passion. Keep the bike out so you can grab it and go, or set up a yoga mat, create a reading nook filled with stories to stimulate your imagination. Watch out for blocks like doors that don’t open all the way or hallways clogged with clothes or other stuff. Clear the clutter and keep the energy flowing through. And, Gemini, resist the temptation to gossip about other people, that will only weigh your energy down. Instead keep a journal handy and use it to write out triggers and thoughts.


You’re a sensitive soul filled with intuitive powers and your home should help you tap into that. Focus on your bathroom and create a space where you can soak. Fill it with crystals like moonstones, rose quartz, and Amethysts. Have Epsom salt on hand to relax and to cleanse you of the energy you’ve picked up throughout the day. Removing excess clutter from your home is especially important for you, Cancer, to allow the energy to flow. A spiritual alter with a journal, sage or a bell to cleanse, along with your favorite deck, and a sacred item will remind you to pause throughout the day and let your intuition guide you. Blocks for you can show up when you have an excess of vibrant colours or crowded small spaces. Lean into darker colours or colours of the sea and create the illusion of roomier spaces with a minimalistic approach. Your sensitivity can leave you feeling vulnerable so if you’re feeling under appreciated or irritated with friends bring more plants into your home.


Leo, you are a star and your home should reflect that. Adding a touch of glamour and drama is just what your home needs. Animal print, flashy art work, Gucci-esque patterns and colours, pyramid shapes, and any décor that could be in the Guggenheim or Louvre is meant for your home. Spend time creating the closet of your dreams to reflect the showstopper that you are. Turn a spare room into a closet if you feel compelled. Add an organizational system, a mirror or two, and clothes that show off your best self and that make you feel beautiful. Paint it white, add touches of red and have champagne on hand to toast yourself. Blocks for you Leo, are things in your home that bring you down and make you feel less than. Get rid of things that make you feel sad like gifts from dates past, or mementos from old jobs, or photos of people you’re no longer friends with. You have a heart of gold and sometimes people can miss that. If you’re feeling this way, find a spot in your home next to a window and do a breathing meditation. Get grounded and open yourself to receive meaningful connections.


Virgo, you’re detail-oriented and tend to be a perfectionist so it’s important for you to add grounding into your life - fill up the diffuser with fir, clove, cinnamon, Cyprus, or sandalwood essential oils. Add artwork of beautiful landscapes throughout your home, and grow herbs, Design a cozy nook so that you can dive into learning a new subject. Bring in a cotton, linen, or tweed fabric chair with a throw blanket, a standing light, a standing monstera plant, and a side table or stool stacked with your favorite books. Blocks show up in the form of messes. If your space is messy or needs a good clean, it’ll be hard for you to focus on anything else. Clean and organize, especially your closets. As a Virgo you can come off as overbearing or controlling. If this is you, go through and filter out the pastels, white, and gold and silver décor. Instead, bring in more earth tones.


It’s all about balance for you Libra, and to create it in your home turn to the very center of your space. Install a beautiful Swarovski chandelier or sphere ball, clean like you’ve never cleaned before, hang beautiful artwork, and give the space a once over to make sure it has a balance of colours, textures, and shapes. Too much of one thing can throw you off balance. Because you also love a good social gathering, create a space for entertaining. Position chairs across from each other at a comfortable distance for chatting, side tables for drinks and hor d’oeuvres, add a record player, and fill up the buffet cabinet with fun games. Blocks for you will come in the form of friends who aren’t like minded. Fix this by going to the relationship area (when you walk in the door, the front right hand side) and adding pictures of friends who you love to call in more aligned people. Libra, all the socializing can make you feel exhausted. Get a good calendar and carve in time just for yourself.


Scorpio, you can be a bit of an enigma to the people around you so it’s important you decide how you want to be seen by the world and make your home reflect that. Carefully curate décor that tells the story of who you are (or what you want people to think). Do this with artwork, coffee table books, your décor style (are you minimalist, sustainable, luxe, etc), and with paint colour. Strengthen your reputation by focusing on the fame area of your home (when you walk in the door it’s the back middle area of your home). Hang artwork photography images of a person who you admire. Images of trees or cityscapes will also enhance the energy around how people feel about you. Jealousy is a block that can show up in your life. Clear your space with sage, palo santo, or a bell, then hang an evil eye. It will protect you from jealousy and remind you as well to think kind thoughts towards others. If you’re feeling obsessive with work or a project go through your home and add colour and minimize white, pastels, or metal colours.


Sagittarius, your zest for life and adventure is inspiring and so too should be your home. Fill it with fresh flowers, swap out the artwork as you feel like it, rearrange the furniture to keep your space fresh, bring in décor that shows off your adventures, and open the windows and let the fresh air circulate the energy of your home. Your goal is to keep the energy moving in your home. The front door is a great place for you to focus on - that’s where all new opportunities and excitement enter your life. Clean your entryway, paint the door a vibrant colour, add a fun welcome mat, add fresh plants, and anything to give your front door oomph. The main block that you have to worry about Sag, is the energy in your home getting stale. If you haven’t changed your décor in the last year it’s time to reevaluate. Your home should be a place of inspiration so shake things up. The go-go-go in you can show up as impatience. Create a cozy spot in your home to slow down and meditate.


For you Capricorn, life is super structured so it’s key to create joy in your home. Adding a pet to your life(even a little fishy) can remind you to enjoy moments. Keep a calendar where you can see it and schedule out time to do your favorite things. Make it easy to do your favorite activities by having your home ready for you: set up a reading nook, create a yoga space, keep your bike out, put a workstation for your watercolours, keep the knitting needles, or whatever hobby is that you enjoy. The most important area in your home is the life journey area (when you walk in the door, it’s the front middle section of your home). Make sure it’s clean, keep furniture to a minimum to create energy flow, decorate with images of water or colours of water to invoke a sense of effortlessness. A block for your Capricorn is wide open living spaces which can feel chaotic. Create boundaries for each room so you know where one room starts and the other ends. If you work in your living room, carve out a specific space for you to work. Keep everything in its place. Capricorn it’s easy for you to get stuck in your ways but you have a fun side to your personality. Decorate with something unexpected that makes you happy and reflects your personality.


Aquarius you are a free spirit who puts your own spin on everything you do. Your home should be no exception. Think about how you’re currently using your space. Is there a way it could better serve your lifestyle? Consider turning the spare bedroom into an art space, spiritual space with an altar, workout room, or whatever it is that you’re into. Maybe you don’t actually need a dining room and instead make the space work for your life by changing it to something you do need. Create a home that fits your personality. Show off your eccentric personality with sculptures, huge art canvases, pottery, statement crystals, or photography. Use bold wallpapers, paint colours, and chandeliers - anything goes with you Aquarius. And because you’re also secretly a type A who goes after your goals, make sure your workspace is just as fun. A block for you, Aquarius, is living in a basic space. Infuse your energy into every room, follow design rules but make them your own. Aquarius if you’re missing deeper friendships, pay attention to the Relationship area of your home (when you enter through the door it’s the front right hand side). Decorate it with pictures of your best friends or art depicting deep friendship.


Pisces, because you can easily pick up on other people’s energy it’s important for you to have a sanctuary in your home to restore and realign. Your bedroom is the perfect place for this. Consider getting a bed low to the ground for extra grounding, decorate with earth tones, or the colours of the human body, add a Himalayan sea salt lamp and crystals like selenite and tourmaline. Paint your space a dark colour like forest green, black, or navy. Diffuse frankincense, and keep a journal by your bedside. Rituals will go a long way for you - they’ll clear you of other people’s energy and remind you of your internal strength. Have sage, palo santo, or bells on hand to cleanse regularly. Set up a space for sound bowls and add in your favorite deck to the mix. One block that you can struggle with is that you are a natural helper but people can take advantage of that. Set strong boundaries in your home with plants. Design a protective space and yet keep room to entertain your besties. A small cocktail cart and an intimate seating area works well for you.





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