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The Missing Piece: Healing with the Sacral Chakra

Sound familiar: “I’m doing the meditation work and therapy, so WHY do I not feel better?” Well, have you tried healing with your sacral energy and feeling your feelings versus thinking about them? Or do you ever wonder about those people you meet who ooze sensuality, passion, warmth, radiance?
They’re the ones who make all the noises while they eat a delicious meal and don’t need alcohol to dance. They take up space in a room. Their confidence is contagious. You just want to be around them. As author Meggan Watterson says, “I love lusty people.” Well, these lusty people with a zest for life carry and emit healthy sacral chakra energy. This is the missing piece to our healing journeys.


As per yogic tradition, the sacral chakra is part of 7 energetic centers in the body, each responsible for different balances/imbalances. The sacral chakra is the second one of the three earth-based, lower chakras: the root, sacral and solar plexus. It’s represented by the color orange and the element of water, which makes sense since it’s in the space of the womb, about two inches below the naval, encompassing the hips, pelvic region, genitals and lower back. It’s the seat of our desires, sexuality, creativity, intimacy, pleasure, money and our emotions.

Think about it, what’s one of the first things to go when we’re stressed, let’s say about money? Our libido and our creativity. Not to mention our emotions are hot-mess-express.

What about when you experience a trauma, what’s one of the first things to go? Your sex drive, creativity, and zest for life.

What about the women who are sexually assaulted and struggle to connect intimately, even with themselves in self pleasure afterwards?

When you work with the sacral chakra, it is a rewiring of your nervous system. It's letting your body-mind know that you are safe to feel, relax, and take up space now. Because when we are stuck in stress or trauma responses, pleasures register as wasted, even life-threatening vital resources.

Instead of rest digest and feed and breed, as trauma researcher Alex Howard puts it, we are stuck in fight, flight, freeze or fawn. Case in point, me depressed with no libido after my husband suffered a traumatic brain injury and I became a full time caregiver at 30 years old.

Because if it’s stuck, then so is your sensuality, pleasure, passion, and creativity.

And what is life if we only feel alive versus Alive? This is why we sensualize with the sacral charka.

We sensualize as a way to feel Alive again and stir this energy, aka Shakti or life force energy, which is seen as the Divine Feminine power that animates and exists in all things. From a river to the firing of your neurons.

And when we work with life force energy within the sacral chakra specifically, Shakti uncoils up the spine and we are able to unlock the body as a gateway to the mind and use sexual healing.

There are two major fields of thought in wellness right now: mindfulness and embodiment.

Mindfullness obviously brings a major focus on the body-mind, while embodiment focuses on the body-mind. 80% of information actually travels from your body to your brain via neural pathways - surprising, right?

Embodiment asks us to work from the bottom up, and the sacral chakra is often known as “the body chakra.” So, we use the body to get out of our heads and into our mind. We heal by working to unlock and unblock the lower chakras, in this case the sacral chakra, to move up our energy channel into the fourth chakra of the heart and then ascending into the spirit realm chakras for full spectrum healing.

But in world where we are stuck in our heads, even spiritual healing tends to make it seem that we should be monks meditating all day. But that’s not realistic and the lower chakras are not less than the spirit realm chakras.

I am here to say that healing with the sacral chakra is just as powerful, and a beautiful compliment to meditation and talk therapy. This is a key feature of all my embodied movement methods, memberships and retreats.

Now while I am by no means knocking meditation or therapy, and do in fact meditate and go to therapy regularly, I am here to tell you that the sacral chakra is one of the most powerful ways you can work with your body to transmute trauma, regulate a healthy nervous system, and feel confident.

Without it you are relying on your head to “talk it out” or your mind to “meditate on it,” and thus missing out on the processor of your body. Sometimes you don’t need to talk any more. Just move it out, to clear it out.

Activating your sacral chakra doesn’t have to be hard. A simple way to ease into this healing is by moving the hips with breath.

TRY THIS: put on slow, sensual music, I love Alina Baraz or Alayna. Bridge lifts are a simple embodiment exercise to move this sexual, creative energy. So, get on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat, about hip distance apart. Close your eyes if that feels okay or find a point on the ceiling and let your peripherals fade out.

Begin be putting the hands on the low belly, below the naval. Take 10 breaths into the sacral chakra, inhaling in the nose and exhaling with sound out the mouth. Any sound goes! Doesn’t have to be quiet or pretty.

Then, gently bounce your hips on the floor. Pause. Then, inhale lift the hips, exhale lower back down. Do five bridge lifts as such. Go back to a gentle bounce. Then, back to the lifts, etc. You can include the arms, as well. Do for about one song length or 3-5 minutes.

With music still playing, come to your knees and begin to move the spine and hips in a circular motion, as well as cat/cow. Feel the music and let your body lead the way. To finish, bring your hands on your body in stillness and breathe calmly.

Feel that inner quiet, yet pulsing energy? That’s the power of using your sacral “body chakra” to get out our head and heal your life!

Clearing and opening your sacral chakra energy will most likely release emotion. You might cry, feel energetic, light, or even heavy. No experience is wrong!

Ever notice how people cry during hip openers in yoga? Have you ever cried after orgasm? Maybe did a sensual dance class and then balled your eyes out or had the biggest strut while walking out of class? That’s called sacral energetic healing!

It also might feel very strange or scary at first, but it gets easier and more embodied as you work with it, I promise! Focus less on doing it right or looking a certain way and just allow your hips to move. Be gentle with yourself, and it’s best to work with a trauma-informed facilitator if you’re moving through a lot of trauma, such as my BODY ART membership or Morning Juice subscription.

In the end, I hope you have the courage to be one of the lusty people, and I leave you with my poem from a memoir I’m working on to inspire you on your sacral healing journey.

Some days,

The lack of life force felt feels so deep,

That if you knocked on my bones

I would sound like a watermelon.


Yet anything but juicy.

So on the days when grief is at bay

And my sexuality licks at my feet,

Beckoning, reminding me.

I walk naked into my ocean.

I let her wash over me.

Take me.

Wave After Wave

On these days,

I dance


ALYSSA KUZINS is an embodiment coach, writer, and retreat leader. She safely guides women back into their bodies to honor and express who and how they are in a body, as a body. Having taught yoga since 2015, and after her own deep trauma in 2020, she used her background in yoga and yoga for trauma training to create BODY ART; her signature embodied dance writing workshop and membership to guide women to heal, liberate and express thy self through the art of music, intuitive dance, breath and writing. Since 2016, Alyssa also leads Radiance Retreats tailored towards healing through energetic embodiment and communing, as well as offering the Morning Juice Subscription, a 30 minute quick hit embodied wake me up or wind me down class that is a blend of breathwork, meditation, yoga, freestyle dance, writing and/or prayer to get your life force energy flowing! In her coaching spaces, your humanness is welcome, and you’ll leave feeling liberated and so seen, by yourself and others. 







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