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Q+A with Susan Polano

Susan Polano is a certified and gifted body-worker & founder of Oceana Massage

Detox Massage- PRISM Blog & Oceanna Wellness 

Susan practices holistic massage and is passionate about alternative health and the healing arts. She has been practicing in the health and wellness industry for 15 years


We do our energy clearing daily, but we’re forgetting to detox our bodies as often as we should. Lymphatic massage is not just a trend for supermodels, it’s a spiritual practice that removes toxins, aids in digestion but also removes stale emotions and discordant energy from our cells so we can return to homeostasis and deep connection to ourselves. 

I have been visiting Susan, owner of Ocean Wellness, almost weekly for a Detox Massage, and the physical and emotional benefits have been astounding. 

We connected to Susan to share more about the magic of practice!

How does Lymph Drainage Massage work?

Susan: Lymph fluid travels through the lymph system in your body and drains in to the bloodstream. There is no pump in this system unlike the venous system which has the heart so Lymph Drainage Massage, or MLD, is a series of moves which push the fluid to parts of your body where they can drain.  You’ll know you need MLD when you are feeling fatigued, even after a good sleep, cold hands and feet, bloating, swelling, if you notice your lymph nodes are swollen (generally people notice in the under jaw area), constipation, if you get a lot of colds. Even excessive itching can be a sign. The Lymphatic system protects us from infection and disease so we want it to be in the best shape possible. 

What's happening in the body for the next couple of days after the massage?

Susan: You’re draining. It is a detox treatment so you may feel quite tired but it really depends on how clogged your immune system is. The need to urinate after a treatment is a very good thing.

What are the benefits?

Susan: Lymph Drainage Massage can help with weight loss and general health. Since it gets the lymph flowing, you’ll likely have a fresher appearance with a tighter belly area/abdomen and less puffy looking skin overall, you’ll have an overall lightness in your body, you’ll feel energized.  When done on a regular basis it is a non-invasive treatment that can reduce cellulite. You’ll also get relief from ‘heavy legs’, reduction in varicose veins, improved bowl movements. Drybrushing, which I offer as an add-on, also helps when done regularly; it releases the fluid trapped in the skin tissue. Best of all, this treatment can help you recover from injury or a weakened immune system. 

How often should someone have a Lymphatic Massage?

Susan: If someone has the resources and/or an immediate need, such as illness or surgery, then weekly treatments is best. If this is not possible, once every month or at least once at the start of every season is hugely beneficial and can still help your immune system stay healthy which helps you move through the stresses of life and help you age more gracefully.

If our body gets used to the manual support for the drainage, does the body get lazy and slow down?

Susan: No, our bodies do not get lazy. What causes a continued need are that you continually live a life where you are in stress, eating foods that don’t support you, drink too much alcohol and/or coffee or not moving your body enough. People live excessive lives, this is just a normal North American lifestyle, so we need to take care of our bodies and help your body recover, . One way to do that is regular lymphatic massage.

What are the main drainage points?

Susan: Largely the Neck, Armpit, and Groin.

Is there a mini-massage we can do on ourselves at home to release bloat?

Susan: Yes, one of the main points is the jaw/neck area, there is a little divot at the bottom of your ear lobe. Simply take you pointer fingers in the little spot and gently move down towards your neck. You can add a little essential oil while doing this. Do this several times. Again, do this gently.  As well, Drybrushing three to five times a week.  Don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

What's unique about your massage that also includes the relaxation massage? How do the two work together and what are the benefits?

Susan: I have always known that since stress plays such a huge part in most people’s lives, that I needed to incorporate techniques in to all my treatments. I work to create space, whether in the body by using stretching and pulling techniques, and in the treatment, where it is still and quiet, relaxing music and little talking creates the space for my client’s own thoughts or so they can rest. Clients then are able to ‘check out’ of the busy-ness of their lives to regroup. When they leave the clinic, generally clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. Better able to tackle the rest of their day!


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