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Yasmin Elzomor is a certified relationship + transformational coach, spiritual mentor, and speaker. After enduring a lot of trauma and a heart shattering breakup a couple years later, she realized it was time to turn her pain into power and help others do the same.

Picture this: You’re on a date and you feel this immediate, intense connection with this person. It feels as if you’ve known each other forever and the sexual connection is off the chain. You can’t get enough of each other and there is an obsessive quality to the relationship. When this happens, you’re probably thinking “have I found my soulmate. Is this what love feels like?”

If you’ve ever experienced a bond that feels so magnetic but with a dramatic twist, you’re not alone. I’m sure we have all felt that with someone in our life that we thought was “the one”. Karmic relationships are filled with passion and pain, often at the same time and that’s what makes it so addicting and exciting. These relationships are so passionate but they are insanely difficult to maintain. They’re usually not long lasting and they aren’t meant to last because it’s supposed to be a learning experience and a pattern that we are being asked to finally break free from. 

Some of the major signs that you’re in a karmic relationship include: 

Feeling a roller coaster of emotions

It feels like every small argument is the end of the world. One day you’re so head over heels for your partner and the next you hate them and want to breakup. Makeup sex becomes a common thing. The cycle of emotions just don’t stop and there’s an addictive quality to these intense ups and downs + the drama that comes with it. 

The relationship feels one-sided

There will be moments in time and days where you might have to pick up your partners slack and vice versa…but if this becomes a common occurrence, that’s a major red flag. A karmic relationship is often toxic and can lead to one person over giving and the other one taking and very rarely reciprocating. 

You become codependent

You start to merge your thoughts, beliefs and habits with that person. Your partner begins to consume your emotions and you begin feeling obsessed with constantly knowing what they’re up to, who they’re with and feeling like you can’t do anything without them. 

You become fearful about ending things

You know deep down this relationship isn’t working, yet you feel like you can’t let go. You’ve lost yourself in the relationship and you don’t know what you would even do without this person. You become so anxious thinking about losing them so you prefer to stay in something that doesn’t serve you to avoid making this difficult decision. 

While there are many difficulties in a karmic relationship, the purpose of this is to help us evolve on a soul level.

Sometimes we have to experience some hardship so we can course correct and become more emotionally mature. Ending a relationship like this is challenging because it becomes an emotional addiction and it takes time to heal this deep karmic wound that you may have been carrying from past lives or even from your family lineage. If you’re currently in a karmic relationship, show yourself compassion and remember that this is a lesson for your highest good.

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