Illuminate your Diamond Soul Light with the Gene Keys

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Illuminate your diamond soul light with the Gene Keys

The path of illuminating your soul's journey with the Gene Keys by Sarah Shepherd.

“Your demons are really your angels in disguise. Every situation in your life is devised as a form of initiation that allows you to either remain as you are OR evolve” Richard Rudd

If you haven’t heard about the Gene Keys yet, don’t worry - you will soon. This massive body of knowledge presented in the book by author Richard Rudd is perfectly timed to illuminate a path of collective awakening. Looking around at our world we can see that there is evidence of a shift within humanity or perhaps you are already aware of a calling that started as a whisper but now the volume is getting louder.

Podcasts interviewing Rudd are everywhere and I recommend listening to the stories of his awakening experience, but in this blog I hope to share some wisdom about what the Gene Keys can offer you.

The teaching of Human Design and Gene Keys are founded on the principles that your auric field, your luminous energy body is imprinted with a soul mission. That mission is your soul's journey of awakening to your unique majesty in this life.

This “imprinting” of your soul mission occurs at the moment of your birth as an embedded code from the cosmos - literally the starlight that was pouring towards you at the moment of your birth.

For this reason the date, time and location of your birth is necessary to plot the nature of your imprint. The map is called your Hologenetic (light-being) profile. You can get your profile for free on

Where did all of this information come from?

Human design is the precursor system to the Gene Keys, and human design is a synthesis of several ancient esoteric teaching about the nature of the mystical human energy body and its mechanics including; astrology, the Vedic chakra system, the Kabbalah tree of life, and the ancient chinese oracle text of the IChing. 

The distinction of these two systems or where they diverge is where human design maps your auric field and teaches about your auric nature - Gene Keys maps out a path for your awakening process and how through understanding your path you can activate dormant superpowers residing in your “junk DNA”. 

Our DNA or genetic manual holds the instructions for the proteins that make up and power our bodies but less than 2 percent of our DNA actually codes for proteins.

The rest — 98.5 percent of DNA sequences — is so-called “junk DNA” that scientists long thought useless. Science is now discovering the truth of what mystics have been saying for centuries and that is that our purpose is hidden dormant in the substructure of these genetic sequences. 

The Iching is a 5000 year old text that charts the cycles and season of change. Within this text are sixty four archetypes that are virtually identical to the binary logic of the genetic code.


Each Gene Key is one of sixty four universal attributes of consciousness. The Gene Keys are archetypes of transformation consisting of three words or frequency bands. We can use the Gene Keys to bring about transformation in our life by contemplating and embodying them over time. The three levels of each Gene Key are:

Your Shadow – a challenge to surmount. 

Your Gift – a creative attribute

Your Siddhi – a transcendent realization.

The Gene Keys connect us to the unchanging truth of 64 archetypal and universal attributes of consciousness. Representing a code of life which is present in each of the trillions of cells in our body, each Gene Key is a portal into our inner being. 

PRISM Lifestyle Co. Blog- Gene Keys

Founded upon the latest discoveries in the science of epigenetics, the central premises of the Gene Keys are that every human being has the capacity for spontaneous evolution, and that every human being carries an innate higher purpose in life hidden within their DNA. 


The Gene Keys provide you with the language of your light and with three specific sequences to understand and unlock this great secret inside yourself. 


Part One - The Activation Sequence - The path of your higher purpose

Part Two - The Venus Sequence - The path to healing in relational partnership

Part Three - The Pearl Sequence  - The path of prosperity through service.


The sequences are a series of evolutionary portals and form one integrated journey, which is called the Golden Path, a voyage of self illumination

Gene Keys by Richard Rudd - PRISM Lifestyle Co. Blog

The Gene Keys golden path is a beautiful journey into the higher purpose of your life. 

As a mystic and coach the question I hear most often is, what is my purpose?

This question is as old as the hills. But, as you will discover, the Purpose of your life is not so much about what you are here to do as how you are to do it. 

What you are here to do is of secondary importance. Our primary purpose is to live well, to live with passion, to learn from our mistakes and to continually expand beyond the parameters set by our minds or the minds of others.

A life in which we make mistakes and take full responsibility for those mistakes, without recourse to blame, is in some ways even more admirable than a life of impeccable morality. 

Our very human nature is to grow. So the purpose of your life is not a fixed mark. It is an ever-changing alignment to the core of your humanity, to your ability to forgive yourself and others and to keep the fires of your enthusiasm burning ever more brightly.

Awakening as a way of living invites us to develop our humility through embodying the four qualities that lie at the heart of the Gene Keys.


Contemplation – taking full responsibility for one’s inner state, using everyday challenges for growth and transformation.  

Inquiry – asking the profound introspective questions, inviting wisdom to come from within. Cultivating a state of authentic presence in all situations. 

Gentleness – nurturing a kind and gracious approach towards self and others. Encouraging a spirit of unwinding and unlearning versus striving and fixing. 

Patience – cultivating compassion, honesty and curiosity with an inherent trust in the underlying process.  


A path to Self-illumination

Self-illumination refers to a spiritual breakthrough or a series of breakthroughs that comes about through our own inner contemplation while on our own golden path. 

In the case of the Gene Keys, contemplation is the central technique.

However, contemplation can shift from being just a technique to becoming an art, when we spend enough time learning it. Like any art, it takes practice before the technique becomes a knack, and it takes more practice before the knack becomes an art. 

Self-illumination occurs as we let our contemplation wander freely through our life until it alights on something numinous, something that resonates very deeply inside us.

This way of being in the world is what I call slow medicine. It's not a quick fix and more often than not when faced with the truth of our soul's journey and mission we can recoil and question every element of our being - these are the dark nights of the soul moments.

The Gene Keys changed my life. I have been a student for four years and I now work with clients seeking guidance through their soul awakening. I curate individual awakening paths based on your hologenetic profile.

In my life prior to becoming a Gene Keys Guide I was a manual therapist working with the body and an entrepreneur. Since unlocking my own genius I have founded a software company called Karma Well Health Technologies and miracles and magic are an everyday experience in my life. 

If you are interested in self study, the Gene Keys website has several beautiful courses available for purchase and I can’t recommend them enough. I coach both practitioners and individuals on their own hologenetic profile as well as how to manifest their higher purpose using their specific profile.

If you would like to join my next cohort of seekers of personal transformation, I am offering part one of the golden path, the Activation Sequence starting in August.

Its 5 two hour workshops in a small group of 10 meeting Tuesdays at 6 pm PST on Zoom, the cost is $444 CAD


Find out more about Gene Keys Retreats and Mystical Business Coaching on my personal site 


Tik tok: @sarahshepherdmystic

IG: @visionary_health_entrepreneur

Sarah Shepherd 

Sarah Shepherd bio:

Sarah is a somatic and autonomic nervous system expert, mystic and visionary health entrepreneur. 

 She applies her mastery in Human Design, and Gene Keys to support awakening humans to build custom curated awakening health programs. She is the founder of Karma Well Health Technologies.

She uses modern (software) and ancient (shamanism) technologies in combination with her 20 years of experience as a health practitioner and business coach and mentor.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. The views expressed in the article are the views of the cited guest/expert and do not necessarily represent the views of PRISM.



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