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Have you ever felt like you were an old soul?

Have you ever had the thought that this wasn’t your first time around? Do you have strange attachments to places you have never been or food you didn’t grow up on? Do you have irrational fears of things you haven’t had negative experiences with? Have you had thoughts such as “why am I here?” or “who am I really?”

If you resonated with these statements then you have most likely lived on Earth before. In fact, I believe we have all had prior lifetimes. With the pandemic affecting every human on the planet in 2020, these sorts of questions have been growing in popularity.

I am one of many people who believe we are an accumulation of everyone we have been before, rather than just who we see in the mirror today. People are waking up and it's time to finally understand who we really are.

The Awakening Process: My Story

My story starts with the same question I stated earlier, “who am I?” I was born an old soul, or a “flower child” as my parents liked to put it. I asked big questions at an early age like; “why are we here?”, “who put us here?” and “what is my purpose?”.

Unfortunately for me, my parents did not have all the answers. I get it, most kids ask all of the same questions. The unfortunate part is that society, parents, teachers, religion, and governments don’t have any of those big answers either, even if they think they do. I felt a longing I couldn’t explain. The separation I felt between myself and the rest of the world created waves of anxiety and depression, I felt like I was always on the outside looking in.

I was depressed, struggling and questioning everything. I was 16. I was well-liked, participated in sports, got decent grades and had a good family dynamic. I had everything a 16-year-old girl would want, right?

Society was telling me that this life was all about going to school, getting a job, making money, having a family and eventually dying. I guess that’s enough for most people, but the thought of a life filled with the mundane 9-5 gave me a fear I couldn’t explain. “Is this really it?”, I thought to myself, “there has to be something more”. After seeing a variety of counsellors, psychologists and priests I finally stumbled upon something called Past Life Regression.

A “PLR” or Past Life Regression is the process of taking someone into a trance-like state. In this state, the participant is able to remember everything that took place during the session. Similar to a very vivid dream.

I had no idea what to expect. I had never done anything like that before in my life. As I entered my first session, I quieted my thoughts and kept an open mind. During the regression, I was able to go into many past lives.  Five of them to be exact.

I went into past lives where I was a teacher, a healer, a shaman. I also went into lives where I was persecuted, where I was enslaved and tortured for my beliefs. I still remember them all so clearly. It’s as if those lives were burned into my memory. The locations, the clothing, the smells, the tragedy, the pain, the excitement. The whole regression took about an hour and a half. Within that timeframe it was as if I had advanced myself and retained all of the knowledge and lessons I had learned throughout those lives.

I finally found a path to the answers I was looking for. I finally started putting together the pieces of my true authentic identity. I felt for the first time ever I had discovered what my purpose was in this lifetime. I discovered that my purpose is to help others in understanding who they truly are. In breaking through the mundane existence of reality to reach the depths of the soul’s potential past, present and future, I was hooked….

After this awakening experience, I started putting myself into a trance-like state in order to dig deeper into this new and profound knowledge. I did this through getting my mind into a calm state so that time drifted away and no longer existed here. I dedicated myself to re-experiencing who I was in order to better complete my mission as who I am now.

Now, with over 10 years of PLR experience to draw upon, I've put together what I like to call “PLR CliffsNotes”.

●Reincarnation is real.

●Time is actually simultaneous (explained further in step 3).

●We are not just who we think we are. We are complex beings who are the accumulation of everything we have been before.

●We can be reincarnated as any living thing within the universe. Some examples include: both male and female genders, insects, animals, plants and trees.

●And finally: there is so much out there we are not aware of.

And Now, YOU!

So… you want to know how to expand your consciousness and remember your past lives? Through ten years of exploring the world of past life regressions, these are the top three tips that have worked for me. Keep in mind, this is just the beginning. Also keep in mind you may or may not resonate with the information below. There is a teacher for everyone, the greatest teacher being the one coming from within. Be aware that this is powerful energy you are working with, make sure you are grounded, aligned and protected before you proceed.  

Step 1: Expand Your Awareness

Step one in remembering your past lifetimes is simply absorbing and applying the knowledge that past lives exist. You may have heard this before: you create your own reality. Everything you think about and believe is projected into your reality and sits there until that belief is validated through experience.

We are continuously projecting and validating our own realities, most of the time without even knowing it. The understanding of needing to “see it to believe it” is actually a paradox within itself. If our reality first starts within our own mind (as proven by quantum physics) we will never be able to experience anything we do not believe. This is why the first step of remembering your past lives is to just take time to consciously think about who you have been before. Focus on your intention.

It’s also important to recognize that this information is only the tip of the iceberg.

On that note, it’s important to realize that when remembering your past lives or aspects of those past lives, you are simply validating what you already know to be true. There is no such thing as “convincing” since it’s all within you at the end of the day.

Step 2: Finding The Past Through the Present

The definition of irrational is: “not logical or reasonable”. When we have irrational attachments or irrational aversions it means that we are reacting in a way that does not mirror our past experiences. This makes some reactions irrational. For example, when someone has a dreadful fear of boats and yet they have never been on a boat. Most of the time we shrug these weird reactions off or don’t even give them a second thought. However, it’s within your patterned behaviour where the story of your past lies. Everything in this reality is a projection and pattern of the past, now expand your mind and think about all of the past, not just the past in this lifetime.

In order to better understand your past life connections, it’s time to start looking at your current attachments and reactions with a deeper understanding. Write a list of everything you are irrationally attached to. It could be a belief system, a culture, a food, a person.

Likewise, write out a list of irrational fears that plague your life. It could be a fear of snakes or maybe a strange fear of stepping on a nail or getting burnt. Take a good look at your lists and see if there are any correlations or connections to experiences in this lifetime. If there are no correlations, then circle those items. Now you can most likely equate those irrational behaviours to past lives. As stated above, the more you expand your awareness the more you realize that reincarnation is real and affecting us all the time.

Step 3: Dive In

The biggest and really only thing you need to do in order to tap into your past lives and unlimited potential is: separate your ego-mind from your conscious-mind. Easy, right?

There are so many different definitions of ego so I will define it in my own terms; the ego is an accumulation of experiences, attachments, memories, actions and reactions to make up who we think we are right here in the present moment.

Although the ego is typically associated with narcissism and negative beliefs, the ego is actually necessary for our survival. We need the ego in order to be human, it is our autopilot mode, our defense mechanism, it is our outward facing reality that we are taught to believe. It is the voice that tells us to eat, to express, to feel, to plan and to move forward. Without the ego component of the brain we simply wouldn’t be able to exist.

The consciousness is the other half of our mind, which is really just a projection of our soul. This is the aspect of ourselves that is without fear, judgement, attachment or reaction. Sometimes this part of our brain steps in and gives us intuitive messages about something our logical ego brain couldn’t comprehend. Our true power comes from the harmony between both the ego and consciousness.

Although turning off a program that has been on 24/7 since birth sounds like a daunting task, it’s actually quite easy. In retrospect, we have been a soul for far longer than we have been bodies of flesh and bone. All you need to do is quiet your mind. I’m sure most of you roll your eyes when meditation is mentioned, as I did when beginning to expand my consciousness. Let go of the emphasis of meditation itself and understand that the link to tap into pure consciousness, is just to simply quiet our busy ego-minds. After all, there is only a limited amount of processing power our brains have. Will you choose to use that daily processing power for the ego-mind/autopilot or for the conscious mind?

The second you quiet your ego mind you step directly into your conscious mind. Some people meditate while they go on walks, when they paint on a canvas or drive home from work. Some people can simply sit in silence although this is much more difficult. Personally, what I have found that works for me is in every moment I try to bring awareness to quieting my mind so that I have unlimited consciousness at my disposal at any given time. It really makes the world around me quite exhilarating.

Letting go of ego momentarily and embracing consciousness means there is a world of infinite possibilities at your fingertips.

One of those possibilities is simultaneous time. When we quiet our minds and let go of the ego, we let go of complete perception and attachment of this linear world. This means we transition into another dimension altogether. I like to call it the 5th dimension. In this headspace we surpass the physics of time altogether so that exploring the past, present and future is completely possible. Hence, the capability of a past life regression.

Learn how to quiet your ego mind and you have just tapped into an unlimited source. Once you have a good handle on your thoughts is when I recommend you seek out a past life regression for yourselves. Either doing one in person with a practitioner in your location, or simply finding a PLR meditation audio recording to listen to so that you can discover who you are for yourself. Eventually quieting your mind and asking the right questions is all you need in order to discover the depths of your soul.

In Summary:  

●Expand your reality and realize there is so much we don’t know. This will help you comprehend those burning questions we all have.

●Bring awareness to your irrational attachments or fears that are subconsciously controlling your life. Assess whether these are coming from this life or another life.

●You hold all the information and power within yourself. Separate and release the ego mind in order to tap into simultaneous time and your past life records.

After reading through this content, I hope you have found the courage and comfort to lead yourself on your own past life regression journey!



Elizabeth April is a gifted thought leader of many titles including clairvoyant, truth seeker, intuitive psychic, paradigm shifter and best-selling author. She is breaking the mold as she opens people’s minds to a new way of thinking.
Above all, her ongoing mission is to help humanity awaken by expanding their mind to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer. With well over seven million views on YouTube, over nine million minutes watched every month and an Instagram community of over 135K, the world is listening to what EA has to say. EA recently brought her expertise to the small screen as a featured guest on Unidentified with Demi Lovato (NBC’s Peacock TV).

Instagram: @elizabeth.april

Website: elizabethapril.com

YouTube: youtube.com/c/ElizabethApril


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