8 Crystals to Unlock Your Wealth Consciousness

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Unlocking wealth consciousness is an essential part of living a fulfilling and abundant life. While material riches are often sought after, the spiritual side of manifesting abundance is just as important.

I'm Dr. Robyn McKay, I have a PhD in psychology and I'm also a crystal-clear channel and intuitive guide for thought leaders, wayshowers, and spiritual entrepreneurs. I've received powerful insights from the Lemurian High Council on using crystals to cultivate your own inner wealth consciousness to manifest prosperity on all levels.

The Lemurian High Council is my beloved team of guides from Lemuria, the ancient civilization that's known for its mastery of crystalline technology. In this article, they will be introducing 6 essential crystals—encoded with mindsets—that are in support of your wealth consciousness journey. Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll also introduce two gemstones that are known to amplify your desires. With their guidance, you'll quickly unlock the key vibrations that will help you tap into success and abundance like never before! 

Herkimer Diamond.

The Herkimer Diamond is one of my favorite stones. This crystal is a high-frequency quartz, rather than an actual diamond and is associated with the earth star chakra, the energy center that lies about 3-5 feet below you. When your earth star chakra is activated and aligned to the sacred center of the heart of the new earth, you can more easily tune in and access the wisdom of your future self and the new world you're actively creating. This is your most abundant and aligned timeline. Work with the energies of the herkimer diamond to reset your body's consciousness to optimal health and well-being, all the way to the core of your DNA. The better you feel and the more aligned you are to your optimal well-being, the easier it is for wealth consciousness to flow through you. You can also program the herkimer diamond to store and amplify your heart's desires.
The key mindset encoded in the Herkimer Diamond: I stay FOCUSED on my heart's desires.


Smokey Amazonite.

This crystal amplifies abundance and helps you to become aware of where true abundance exists in your life right now. What you see and appreciate grows. This powerful energetic wand also supports the transmutation of trauma and other energetically heavy experiences. A crystal isn't meant to replace a trauma-informed healer or coach #obvi, but instead is meant to assist and quicken the pace of the transformation in an easy and graceful way. Tune into the frequency of smokey amazonite to cut through the illusion that you are separate from your heart's desires. Smokey amazonite serves as a powerful reminder that you have the ability (and the soul-level, joyful responsibility) to actualize your heart's desires.

The key mindset encoded in the Smokey Amazonite: ABUNDANCE is my birthright.


Citrine is the crystal of joy! Use it to clear emotional interference that comes between you and your most deeply held dreams. Like a radiant beam of sunshine, citrine cuts through the mental and emotional noise and assists you to take empowered and confident steps in the direction of your dreams.

Fun fact: citrine is formed when an amethyst is exposed to high temperatures. Fiery heat creates the color shift from deep purple to brilliant yellow. Since amethyst is used to connect with your higher self and to awaken your third eye, think of citrine as the result of ushering in the highest vision of your life from the etheric realm into the physical, where it can be joyfully manifested.

The key mindset encoded in citrine: JOY leads the way!


In a nutshell, pyrite helps to create and sustain the momentum required to receive and hold wealth on all levels of consciousness. In past generations, pyrite was referred to as "fool's gold", but you're encouraged to think of pyrite as the gold that allows your third chakra - your personal center of energy - to run on full power as you pursue your greatest hopes, dreams and desires. When you anchor your third chakra into the frequency of pyrite, you give yourself and your intentions a major boost of rocket fuel to go the distance. (Take note: In my new channeled text, Akashic Wisdom on Ascension, the Lemurian High Council offers an extensive description of contributions of pyrite to those on the ascension path.)

The key mindset encoded in Pyrite: Momentum runs on the gold stored in my personal power.

Super Seven Crystal Cluster.

The super seven crystal cluster is composed of 7 distinct crystals, including: clear quartz, smokey quartz, rutile, amethyst, cacoxenite, geothite, and lepidocrocite. Each of the crystals contained in the super-seven cluster retain their unique properties, and they work together to super-charge your goals and dreams. With this crystal cluster, you can call on the power of the four cardinal directions: north, south, east and west, as well as Above and Below as you consecrate your dreams and set foot on the spiritual path towards fulfilling them.

Remember: It's not the outcomes of your dreams that matters as much as who you become in the process. The super-seven is here to assist you on your spiritual journey toward mastering wealth consciousness.

The key mindset encoded in the super-seven crystal cluster: I am fully supported by the 4 cardinal directions plus the heavens above my head and the new earth, below my feet.

Moss Agate.

Supports with intention setting and anchoring your intentions into your heart. The yummy, heart-based moss agate is my personal favorite to support intention setting and anchoring your intentions into my heart. The most true and clear intentions do not come from the brain or the intellect, but rather from the center of your heart where your soul's consciousness resides. When you tune into your heart's desires around wealth consciousness, you'll discover the infinite well of prosperity that's waiting to be released into your life. Prime the wealth consciousness pump by activating and aligning with the frequencies of the moss agate. When you do, you'll find that following your creative flow and expressing your heart's desires will yield gifts of prosperity beyond what you could have hoped for or imagined.

The key mindset encoded in moss agate: I am a clear channel wealth consciousness.


Unlocks the power of focus. Your very own laser-focused magic wand. The diamond’s 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight) help to sharpen your focus that allow you to infuse your intentions with the kind of sparkling energy only a diamond can provide. Wearing diamonds evokes feelings of prosperity, opening doors to even greater opportunities for expansion and abundance in all areas of your life. – Get ready to elevate your focus and manifest your dreams like never before!

The key mindset for working with diamonds: I command the diamond to amplify my desires and to cut through the noise so that my desires emit a crystal-clear signal to the universe. 

White Topaz.

Channeling your spiritual gifts is the key to aligning with wealth consciousness and financial abundance. But where do you begin? Enter White Topaz – the gemstone that can elevate your awareness and help you see how your spiritual gifts can effortlessly integrate into your work. When you wear White Topaz, you’ll find it easier to stay focused on your goals and receive that much needed boost of motivation, inspiration, and optimism to achieve them. – Don't wait any longer to channel your spiritual gifts into a spiritually-based business, side-hustle, or even your 9-5. White Topaz is your new best friend on the path to success.

The key mindset for working with white topaz: I now become fully aware of the next steps to integrating my spiritual gifts into my work. 


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Bottom Line

When it comes to manifesting wealth and abundance, what ultimately matters is aligning your energy with your intentions. Embodying the key mindsets encoded in these 6 crystals can help launch you into building an expansive wealth consciousness; healing self-sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs and self-defeatist attitudes. Taking aligned action as you stay connected to your dreams and visions are essential to experiencing true inner transformation.

As the great psychologist Carl Jung once said, “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”. So, before you decide on your starting point, I recommend that you take some time to reflect on yourself and allow yourself to look within so you really understand what's going on underneath the surface.

After all, this wealth consciousness journey is one that will motivate you out of love rather than fear or a need for control; allowing yourself permission to create something beautiful despite any previous challenges faced along the way. 

Now that you know the various ways in which each crystal encourages one to live an abundant life, the real question is - which crystal will be your faithful companion on your quest?

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Transformational Coaches — Dr. Robyn McKayWritten by Dr. Robyn McKay

Dr Robyn is an award-winning psychologist, a clear intuitive channel, best-selling author, and podcast host of Becoming the Channel. Find her new book, Akashic Wisdom on Ascension on Amazon. 





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