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You are a child of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Consciousness, your unique frequency can elevate us all!

The world needs healing, and the awakened ones have a responsibility (that we gladly take on) to hold high frequency for the collective, while most are living in fear, separation and unity.

When your energy is in alignment you elevate those around you, whether you or they consciously feel it or not. The more you practice expanding your energy the more elevation you provide for all.

We’ve all heard about the studies where plants live longer based on the words you speak to them. The plant isn’t consciously making the decision to live longer because you were being pleasant, the plant is picking up your frequency and adjusting to its elevation. You never know who you’ve elevating by simple virtue of you being you!

I can attests to a similar phenomenon with my husband who refuses to meditate, no matter how hard I’ve tried to force him. As I deepened my spiritual practice, he started to ascend, to awaken, and to manifest at a quantumly powerful magnitude.

Here are some powerful energy hacks you can implement into your rituals to intentionally benefit the ascension.

Remember that this work is for everyone, you don’t need to be a certified Reiki Master/Crystal Healer/Devoted Wicca Practitioner (although that doesn’t hurt either)

Before you start, Always use protection (light protection, that is)

When projecting your energy outside of your energy body you want to do some clearing and protection first so you don’t pick up any un-wanted energy.

I like to cleanse my energy with white light energy, sage, palo santo, or crystals (selenite does the trick).

Then I will visualize a purple flame running through my body and aura, and then burning out once I feel cleansed. That purple flame will then create a layer around my aura, not letting anything in that’s not aligned with unconditional love for my highest good.

Now you’re ready!

I like to imagine the 5D grid as an iridescent grid that wraps around the Earth. Imagine it working as a soundboard that we project our frequency onto, which then interprets it into a magnet pull, attracting a like-frequencies.

As soon as I get out of bed and step onto the floor, I imagine my feet connecting to the charge of this grid, and I allow the 5D, iridescent energy to come up my feet, up my chakras and into my heart.

Try it now and connect to that 5D manifestation power!

I had an Akashic Records reading with Alyce Bacine, Spiritual Mentor & Ascension Activator (highly recommend) and she suggested that when I feel unworthy or disempowered to first clear my energy and access unconditional self love, and then I send my frequency into the Earth. When I practice this, I visualize sending energy from my heart, into the centre of the Earth, and energetically “marking my territory” or “staking my claim” as a valued and needed being on this Planet.

Bonus points if you simultaneous mimic a Beyoncé-esque power-stance.

Your light AND your shadows are needed to withhold transformation on Earth, similarly to our need for both the winter and the summer.

Your chakras are not just in your body, they run below your feet and above your head, and they can reach the centre of the Earth and the deepest realms of the cosmos.

When you breath into each chakras to activate your energy, don’t stop at your crown and root.

  1. First, breath energy, love and gratitude into your heart to activate your heart chakras, then send it through a pillar of light down through your solar plexus, your sacral chakra, your root, through the 5D grid and all the way to the core of the Earth, and tie a knot around it.

  2. Bring the loving energy back up to your heart, feel your heartbeat sync with the heartbeat of the Earth.

  3. Once you feel that deep connection, on your next exhale, send your energy from your heart up through your throat chakra, past your third eye, and out through your crown, sending a pillar of light all the way to the 12th dimension, your highest self, your connection to infinite divinity.

  4. Pull it all down and back into your heart. Feel the alchemy of Earth and Cosmos in your heart

  5. You can then start moving that energy up and down the entire channel to activate your chakras and integrate new light codes. On your exhales send the energy all the way down, on the inhales send it all the way up. Do this about 5 times, and then bring the energy back to your heart.

I like to practice this immediately after running my infinite chakra pillar. Some experts will say your aura should expand 3 meters around you, I like to add a layer of protection on that baby and then expand it even wider!

You can visualize your aura growing as the flower of life, expanding with every exhale, taking up more space with your magic, connecting to more and more souls to send them love and support.


You’re familiar with champagne showers, and maybe energy golden showers, but have you even had a rainbow shower? The amazing George Lizzos, Psychic and Lighworker Mentor, taught me to visualize Rainbow energy coming through your shower faucet and permeating the light into your body, soul and aura.

I immediately feel energized, cleansed and activated using this technique!

When I have Kundalini Music bumpin’ in my home, I swear the energy is just lighter. You can play my Spotify playlist, Kundalini Vibes, full of Mantras, you can play some crystal bowls, or even just dance to your fav pop song that elevates your vibe!

Try to spend at least 20-30 minutes each day dancing and singing! It just makes everyone feel better!


Amber-Lee Lyons

Written by Amber-Lee Lyons 


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