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In light of the current mass awakening, more and more souls here on Earth are feeling the calling to deepen their journey to ascension. To elevate their consciousness, energetically shed what no longer belongs to them and evolve to see the higher perspective of this human experience. 

This life force is multifaceted and expansively rich in all areas, involving codes upon codes that we all have the natural power to unlock. Once unlocked and integrated, we get to experience that richness and lead with the full essence of who we truly are, as powerful beings of energy.

Through the early stages of my personal awakening (also whilst feeling quite overwhelmed with the plethora of information and downloads I was experiencing at the time), I discovered something monumental: there are no better beings to support us through ascension, to the 5th dimension and beyond, than the Angels.

Angels + Archangels

Angels are highly vibrational, expansive beings of light who have a simple, yet deeply meaningful purpose here on Earth: to guide, love and support us through our human experience. What’s better? We can access that support whenever our heart’s desire. 

In this instance, we’re going to be channeling all of the goodness around the Archangels - better known as the ‘manager’ Angels in their ranking. Yep, they’re the big dogs! Archangels are non-denominational, limitless energies that are never tied down to space or time. Their multidimensional qualities allow them to collectively support and hold space for millions of us all around the world. Pretty powerful stuff!

Archangels are stepping in now to hold space for us to ascend our frequency beyond the 3D. 

How Archangels support our ascension

There are many layers to spiritual ascension, including moving through inner revolution, releasing the taught separation and shedding the fear. It has its inevitable ebbs and flows. But just know (even if you’ve never connected to Angelic energy before) that the Archangels can support you through it all, on every level. 

From deep, cellular healing to conscious manifestation… from guidance back to Soul purpose to opening your spiritual channel, Archangels support all areas of your ascension. They are already highly ascended energies, so just by calling them in, you are inevitably expanding your own consciousness towards their level. But remember, this is not about chasing Angel connection and ascension, this is about coming home to your natural power within. You are able to meet Angelic energies in the middle and that, my love, is where the magic happens. 

Let’s dive into that magic...

Archangels for Ascension

There are many different Archangel energies with their own prominent powers, but here are some notable Archangels that can support your journey to ascension on all levels of your being:

Archangel Gabriel:

Archangel Gabriel helps us harness our base power, supporting us to feel safe and rooted in our Earth experience. Whilst ascension is powerful, we have chosen to walk this human life, so it’s important we feel supported here. Archangel Gabriel will hold space for us to clear any energetic blockages held in our root chakra, but also our sacral chakra too.

Archangel Gabriel brings light, healing and elevation to our physical, emotional and sexual health. Once our physical and emotional health aligns with 5th-dimensional or higher consciousness (meaning we’re in good shape in all areas!), we can ascend our energies there.  

Archangel Uriel:

Archangel Uriel’s energy corresponds deeply with our solar plexus centre, holding space for us to step into our self-worth, inner wisdom and our natural source of power. Their torch of divine light shines on any blockages present, making it clear what we must release to then experience an ascended, rich life. Along with that, Archangel Uriel’s energy helps us dissolve those fears… fears that may be holding us back from the freedom and peace that comes with a true sense of self. 

Get ready to be unapologetically YOU. 

Archangel Chamuel:

Archangel Chamuel is here to support us through opening our heart chakra. Our heart space is a powerful centre for openly giving and receiving the love we deserve, as well as leading with unity, forgiveness and loving connection with all forms. Ascension occurs when we access and experience pure love energy… it has a lot to do with the knowledge that we are all one with the Universe and we lead an experience of divine unity. 

Our heart chakra is a channel for our Soul’s purpose, and once cracked open, you can lead yourself with that purpose here on Earth and back into wholeness. 

Archangel Michael:

Our communicative powers not only translate within our Earth experience but into the ascended cosmos. Archangel Michael holds space for us to develop clear, meaningful communication holistically and connection with higher light beings - through helping us open up our throat chakra. Being able to speak our own truth and the language of light is a huge part of spiritual ascension, to access the information, guidance and support available to us. 

Archangel Raphael:

Hello spiritual abundance! Archangel Raphael’s energy directly links to our third eye, opening up clairvoyant gifts and elevating our overall perception of this life. When our perception is widened, we become more open to the expansive visions we hold and transcend our power to manifest those visions in our physical reality. Envisioning your wildest and deepest visions through your third eye, especially with the support of Archangel Raphael, sends out a powerful frequency into the Universe. 

Archangel Raphael is also a powerful energy to work with for deep healing work and spiritual enlightenment. 

Archangel Jophiel:

Our crown chakra is our gateway to ascension, and with the help of Archangel Johpiel, our crown connection is even stronger. This powerful Archangel energy supports us in taking in the limitless codes, wisdom and light from our overall experience here on Earth. By accepting the cosmic light, input and wisdom through the crown, we’re able to shift into a place where we’re making more expansive decisions/choices in our everyday. 

Archangel Metatron:

The Archangel for all aspects of divine spiritual ascension, let’s talk Archangel Metatron. With the love, light and support from this powerful Angelic energy, we can bring all of these codes together for our personal ascension here on Earth. This looks like an endless opportunity for growth, opening channels for divine guidance, strong connection with the self and of course, limitless potentials unlocked. 

Calling on the Archangels

Calling on the Archangels and ascending your energy to their frequency can be done through various rituals (it never has to be a specific, drawn-out process), you can choose the vibe! 

Here’s one of my own simple rituals I use to invoke their powerful energy:

  • Breathe: Get comfortable and begin to sit in quiet meditation. Eyes closed, taking deep, conscious breaths. Your breath is the connector between you and Source energy you hold within - breathe in pure white light, breathe out any tension. 
  • Protection: Before any energy work, I always ask Archangel Michael to come in and place their cloak of protection over me. Set the intention you are releasing any stagnancy in this present moment, and then envision a bright light (perhaps the colours blue and white) covering your whole body.
  • Angel Prayer: This can be personal to you, but you can implement a prayer along the lines of - Thank you Archangel (Archangel energy chosen) for your divine presence. It feels so good to know you’re here. Thank you for working your power and revealing to me what I need to know in this present moment. And so it is.
  • Ascend: Sit with their powerful, expansive energy. Open every sense. What emotions do you feel? What do you see? Hear? Lean into any guidance. Allow them to shine their light and work through your energy centres.
  • Gratitude and Ground: Thank your Angels/Archangel energies for their presence and the space they held with you. To finish, set the intention you are one with the Earth, whilst visualising red roots flowing from your feet and down deep into the ground below you.

Know that your Angels are present and with you in every divine moment. Are you going to call in the Archangels to support your ascension? 


WRITTEN BY Cade Lauren, an Angel expert, quantum guide and energy healer
Cade Lauren holds space for visionary women to elevate their consciousness, open their channel to the Angelic realm and embody their most expansive frequency.

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