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At PRISM, we're all about living life in full color. We're introducing our newest monthly series, PRISM Babe. We will be featuring and celebrating those who embody the vibrant essence of our brand and overall lifestyle. 

Embracing the PRISM lifestyle is a beautiful journey of self-expression. It means fearlessly showcasing your individuality, leaning into your highest self, connecting with your higher power and spirituality and looking good while you do it! 



Jenny Linh is a luxury nail artist based out of Salt Lake City. We interviewed Jenny to learn more about her daily rituals, spiritual practices and of course we chat jewelry! 


What is Your Morning Routine?

Meditation and Pilates. 

What is Your Favourite Spiritual Healing Technique?

I love meditation and yoga for spiritual healing.

What are Your Top 3 Self-Care Indulgences?

  •  I love treating myself to a good meal 
  •       Collecting jewelry
  •       Skincare products 

What Spiritual Tools/Products Can You Not Live Without?

 I always carry crystals with me for spiritual grounding and use aromatherapy oils during meditation.

What are the Core Spiritual Beliefs That You Live By?

 I believe in the power of positive thinking, the importance of self-care, and the need to live in the present moment.

What are Some Current Intentions That You're Manifesting Right Now?

 I am currently manifesting more abundance and clarity into my life 

What Piece From the PRISM Collection is Speaking to you the Most and Why?

Sunray . It’s giving she’s strong and she’s brave and she’s shining so bright . 


What is the Most Important Piece of Jewelry You Own and What is the Meaning Behind it?

An old vintage ring from my grandma. She give it to me to wish I would have a loving successful marriage like her and my grandpa !

What is the Most Exciting Thing You Manifested Lately?

I recently manifested a new job opportunity that I'm really excited about!

What is a Book That Changed Your Life?

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
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