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Written By Jo Gaddy, Spiritual Advisor
Jo Gaddy uses death energy to help ambitious women increase their internal value and discover their personal power. She focuses on resetting the pain body and introducing self-discovery to improve the quantum leaping process. Jo is also the host of the Jojobaa Sessions podcast.

It’s really easy to take everything that’s handed to you at surface value. So many people walk blindly through life missing signs from their guides and becoming simple to manipulate.  What if going deeper into the meaning of your reality can actually save you from a lifetime of confusion and herd mentality? This is where decoding comes in. There are so many hidden symbols and messages that lie within our matrix that plenty of people fail to pick up on. Here’s an easy guide to follow to begin decoding the matrix.

Learn Numerology

We all know the term “angel numbers” and have definitely made a wish at 11:11, but this goes a bit deeper than that. Our guides tend to speak to us through numerical synchronicities and messages when we don’t have a clear connection to them. Just taking them at face value can actually cause us to be blindsided by what’s actually happening. Angel number 444, for example, basically means that your guides are watching over you. If you simply take it like that, you could miss something significant. When angel numbers approach you, ask yourself why you are seeing it and take into account when you’re seeing it. What thought just crossed your mind? What did you just experience? A lot of things in spirituality and esoteric knowledge cover more than just textbook definitions. 

I’ll use my own birthday as a good example of decoding with numerology. I was born on March 27th. The most important numbers here are 3, 27, and 9. The number 3 represents magnetism, energy, and the life and death axis. 27 is a number dedicated to deep spirituality, wisdom, compassion, and humanitarianism. Lastly, the number 9, which comes from both a factor of 27 and the sum of 2 and 7, is all about cyclical completion, insight, and Divine love. It’s also a number associated with Mars energy (I’m an Aries Sun). My birthday numerologically encompasses who I am and what I do as a person. It is a map of my destiny that I would have never known if I didn’t start decoding at an early age. If you take these numbers and apply them to my work, you can easily see all these aspects perfectly tie together from being a spiritual advisor and helping women increase their internal value and quality of life, to embracing the life and death axis with my method, The Death Cycle. Almost everything I do and stand for can be seen within the meaning of my birthday, and there’s even more to explore. 

A great reference for numerology, besides Google, is Quadrivium by John Martineau. I studied this book back in 8th grade and it has laid a perfect foundation for everything I continue to learn about numerology and sacred geometry.

Get Familiar With Etymology

Since this is an appropriate time, we’ll use the word ‘mandate’ as an example of decoding with etymology. The word mandate comes from two Latin words, manus and dare. Manus means hand or power (especially power over other people) and dare is to give or present. A mandate isn’t just an order or command, but it is presenting power or expressing authority. Taking it further, what does presenting a hand actually mean? It could be taking charge and helping others, or it could be holding extreme influence within an energy exchange. Presenting a hand could mean a lot of different things, which is why when you’re using etymology to decode you look at the major keywords and not just the one that catches your attention. Treat this method like a puzzle and try not to pick and choose which pieces go together. If they don’t fit, then they don’t fit. 

Become Familiar With Esoteric Symbolism

This one can be a bit overwhelming because there is A TON of symbolism placed everywhere that has been around for a long time. Just like etymology, start with symbols you see on a daily basis like the Apple logo or the Amazon logo. You don’t have to immediately go decode the pope’s hat or Queen Elizabeth’s throne. Take it one step at a time. 

An easy logo to decode would be the Starbucks logo. There’s a siren right in the middle of their logo, Sirens represent desire and uncontrollable urges. It’s also placed in a circle, insinuating things like addiction and habits. The star on the siren’s crown symbolizes motivation and life along with the green brand colors. Putting it all together, Starbucks has a logo that projects the idea that their products are addictive and craveable.

You don’t even have to start with logos. Animals and certain plants have great esoteric meaning. Keep it small, keep it simple until you’re ready to dive deeper.

With all things, consume in moderation. You don’t have to decode everything in your life every second. Some things are meant to be just things. However, learning to decode the matrix can make your life easier and a little less confusing, so building this skill is something you should think about investing in. 

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