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Christina is an intuitive channel, celebrity healer, the founder of Ahai™ 7D Energy Healing, and author of best-selling book, Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe. She has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Buzzfeed, and is the host of her own spirituality podcast of 6+ years, Christina the Channel.



The more you raise your vibration, experience glitches in the matrix, and spend time in other dimensions, the natural next step is to explore how we can work beyond time to our advantage, collapsing timelines that don’t need to be so drawn out.

Where we thought we were limited before, we might not be as limited as we think - welcome to 5D!

Between running multiple businesses and loving to create, I’ve explored a lot of ways to start collapsing timelines so I can do more at once, create more time in a day, and draw things into my reality sooner rather than later. I’ll preface this with the caveat of – divine timing. Whenever working with shifting timelines, it’s important to really come from a soul-aligned place rather than ego (why do I really want to collapse this timeline?), and set the intention that the timeline will only be shifted if it’s for the highest and best of everyone involved. I’m sure many of us have had the experience of trying to make something happen on our ego’s timelines rather than what was truly for our highest alignment, and only later understanding why we shouldn’t have rushed it. This is about optimizing alignment and flow, not forcing. 

The tools we have available to us to create our own reality should always be used from a place of responsibility and integrity - with great power comes great responsibility. Understanding how we can work with timelines is meant to support us in realizing the depth of possibilities in our own lives, and understand how many more options we have than we might think. It is not a tool to be used from ego, greed, or comparison, and certainly not if it will have effects on other people. It’s important to understand the energetic repercussions of our choices, and the intention underneath them. 

That being said, when coming from Soul, not ego, there are many places where we can create positive shifts in our lives by calling things in more quickly and not limiting ourselves with time. If you’re ready to start collapsing timelines to call in your desires more quickly, here are 8 ways to start: 

1.Peel apart your relationship with time

If you have limiting beliefs around time, it’s going to be difficult to start expanding or contracting it. Where are you living from the belief that you don’t have enough time? Where have you already decided that something has to take X amount of time? That it has to be a process? Explore anywhere you’re living from the belief that things have to take a certain amount of time to shift, change, or heal, and start embodying the knowing that as a multidimensional being, time is an illusion, and things can shift instantaneously simply with your intention. 

2.Explore your relationship with speed

This is one of the most common reasons why people aren’t collapsing timelines - they have an underlying fear of things moving more quickly. We often drag out a timeline or align with a slower timeline because it feels safer or more comfortable for us on a deeper level. If your entire reality shifted tomorrow, and everything was completely different, how would you feel? Are you ready for it? This can bring up discomfort within ourselves, and also sometimes worry about what others will think if we make quantum leaps effortlessly. Get comfortable with fast changes so you’re fully open to receiving them, and you’ll be able to collapse timelines more easily. 

3.Get comfortable with releasing what’s out of alignment

What blocks our reality from recalibrating to a higher frequency is what we’re holding onto that’s at a lower frequency. When we’re holding onto people, situations, habits, activities, and so on that are lowering our vibration, it’s a block to your desires coming in. This is where I always look first if I want to collapse a timeline. When I release the thing that’s stopping the energy from flowing, what I desire comes in quite quickly. As I’ve gotten really comfortable with releasing relationships, habits, patterns, parts of my business, and so on, I’ve been able to bring things into my reality years ahead of the original timeline. 

4.Anchor into soul-aligned decision making

When you’re “deciding” from your soul, there really isn’t much to decide - you’re just following the knowing, following flow. It’s surrender more than decision. When we “decide” from our ego or mind instead of our soul, we slow down the timeline. Our souls are guiding us to the most effortless path. The other key piece of this is taking “time” out of decision-making. Most people drag timelines out because they spend a lot of time in “I don’t know,” halfway in, halfway out, never actually deciding, which keeps them stagnant. Making “decisions'' is how we direct energy, and making clear, fast decisions allows things to shift more quickly. This doesn’t mean rushing anything - it just means being clear rather than wishy-washy with where we’re directing our energy and what we’re aligning with.   

5.Dissolve attachment to a single identity and allow yourself to embody your multidimensionality

How we identify is what creates our reality. When you’ve locked into a single “identity,” you’ve locked into only a portion of options when it comes to your reality. If you learn to be flexible with your identity, you can shift timelines quickly because you can embody the identity of the version of you that is already aligned with the higher timeline, in the now, instead of waiting around for it.

6.Create and choose timelines that involve less people

We always have choice, and there is always more than one way to create something. I’ve found that when I want to collapse a timeline, what works best is anchoring into one that involves less people so there are less factors - less people I have to wait around for to be vibrationally up to speed, less people to wait for to make decisions. When I choose or create a timeline where I’m the main one that’s involved, then all I need to do is embody the “me” that’s already where I want to be and be clear with my own decisions, and things happen much more quickly. You’ll notice shifting timelines can take a longer period of time when more people are involved, because there are so many more moving parts.


Ask for more time if you’re running late. Ask for something to come more quickly if it’s for your highest and best. Start asking, stepping into your creatorship, and working with time. Build the muscle! This builds confidence. The key with asking is to actually decide instead of ask. When I’m running late in the morning and ask for more time, and know I will get it, and don’t look at the clock because I’m not worried, somehow I’m always on time. I have literally collapsed hours with this.

8.Rework timelines in your Akashic Records

This is the real “how” that I find is most efficient. I go into my Akashic Records, anchor into whatever I wish to cerate, and align with my highest timeline. I’ll look at what my life looks like at that point - how I show up, how I spend my time, where I am, and any other details that I can pull into my now. I’ll then ask my Record Keepers to show me any blocks I might have to receiving it more quickly, and ask for anything that can be cleared to be cleared, or any guidance as to what I can heal or release to collapse the timeline. Going into my Akashic Records is the fastest way for me to make big shifts - I can see if another more optimal timeline is available, and also see where I might not want to collapse or interfere with the timeline. 

The more you connect with your Higher Self and see beyond illusions, you’ll also tap into your inner knowing as to how to start “playing” with time more. Remembering your multi-dimensionality is the key to really embodying your full power, and using it to create more love in this reality. Check out my free 5D Ascension Activator if you’re truly ready to make the shift to 5D. 

Remember, use this information responsibly. Connect to your why to see where your ego might want something to come in more quickly – but what if it’s really the most joyful, abundant path to experience the timeline as it is? We don’t need to rush everything. Patience can lead us to powerful rewards.

The 5D collection is your guide to seeing life through higher consciousness, compassion and pure love. In 5th Dimensional Consciousness you posses infinite love, abundance, opportunity, sovereignty and freedom. As you access higher consciousness within, you project it into the collective and are a co-creator of the New Earth.


This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. The views expressed in the article are the views of the cited guest/expert and do not necessarily represent the views of PRISM.


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