6 Self-Love Mantras

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Self-Love is nothing if you’re not open to giving or receiving love. Ya, I said it. Our Heart Chakras have three touch-points:

  1. The right hand which represents the masculine energy and the ability to give

  2. The left hand which represents the feminine energy and the ability to receive

  3. The heart itself which represents gratitude for the giving and the receiving, as well as our own self-love

They need to all flow together in order to give, receive and feel the ultimate level of love and self-love.

Here are 6 Mantras to support you in balancing your Heart Chakra for Self-Love

I am grateful for the love I give and receive each day, to myself and to others

Visualize the people you love and that love you as you repeat this mantra. Feel the warmth, gratitude and joy that you feel in their presence.

I extend my purest and highest love with ease to those who are in my life to support my growth and happiness

Hold out your right hand and feel your love leaving your hand and circling around the world, touching everyone your soul is meant to learn from. Feel how the energy of giving love is equally as satisfying than receiving when it’s from a place of authenticity.

I am, at my purest, the true frequency of love. I follow the feeling of love to live my purpose

Know that you are literally born as pure love and anything outside of pure love is misaligned and creates low vibration frequency and resistance. Your heart is your GPS to your soul mission!

It is easy for to me receive and accept love, as I receive and accept myself for who I am today and all days

As you accept yourself you can open up to accept the love that is being directed your way. You can fill your cup with the beauty of love all around you when you know you deserve it now, just as you are.

I love myself more and more each day. The more love I give the more people I elevate, the more people I elevate the more love I receive, the more gratitude I feel for the love I receive the more love I am able to give and receive in return

Hold out both of your hands and visualize love pouring out of your right hand, circling around and touching the world, then receiving the same amount of love back in through your left hand, and then it pours into your heart where you process the gratitude and “re-fuel” to give more love out your right hand. Feel this loop of love with every exhale sending the love, and every inhale receiving the love.


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