5 Ways to Connect Back to Ourselves

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5 Ways to Connect Back To Ourselves, Tap Into Our Authenticity, Boldness, and Alignment

For generations, the power of feminine energy has not only been suppressed but also oppressed. With impossible expectations and double standards, womxn have been kept small under the labels of “unladylike”, “unprofessional”, “hysterical”, and “unpure”. 


But at the end of the day, Tristan believes it is each womxn’s responsibility to free herself from the box that society places her in. We no longer have to play into the narrative that has been given to us, and by coming home to ourselves, we have the freedom to rewrite our story. Tristan believes that by harnessing the power of your inner wild womxn, an archetype of raw feminine energy, we can all experience the power of liberated womanhood. 

Here are five steps to get started unleashing your inner wild womxn so that you can live a life of free-flowing self-expression. 

 1. Activate Your Sacral Chakra

A wild womxn is always connected to her life force energy, which can be harnessed by getting acquainted with the energy of your sacral chakra. Sacral energy embodies your sexual energy, but also the life force that allows you to “birth” new creations into the world. By tapping into your wild womxn energy through the activation of your sacral chakra, you’re able to come up with more creative ideas, have better solutions to problems, and be more vibrant as a person.

— Rituals practice from the app:

Rituals by Chakra Girl Activate Your Sexual Energy Ritual

2. Unapologetically Take Up Space 

Women have been suppressed and oppressed for generations and encouraged to keep themselves small. But a wild womxn refuses to be contained by any societal, cultural, or familial boundary. By reclaiming our autonomy and allowing ourselves to be “big” and “bold” or not follow the status quo, we break generational trauma patterns for ourselves and the masses. Through your courage, you will give permission to another womxn who is learning that it’s ok to take up space. 

— Rituals practice from the app: 

Rituals by Chakra Girl Queen Energy Timeline Activation Ritual

 3. Re-create Your Version of Bold

Many women think that if they are introverted or quiet, they can’t be considered a “wild womxn”. But it’s important not to mistake your powerful silence for a lack of boldness or courage in life. As a collective, we’re moving towards a state of being where you’re free to embody your unique individuality and still show up as an empowered, courageous woman…even if your roar isn’t as loud as others.

— Rituals practice from the app: 

Rituals by Chakra Girl Bad Bitch EFT Tapping Ritual

 4. Surround Yourself With Community 

Wild womxn aren’t solitary creatures. We thrive in collaboration with our fellow sisters. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand through being in communion with the love, support, encouragement, and acceptance that comes from surrounding yourself with other womxn who are wild. Reach out to womxn that spark this kind of energy in you. Allow yourself to be inspired by others who are in the fullest expression and embodiment. 

— Rituals practice:

 5. Express The Full Emotional Spectrum

A wild womxn welcomes her emotional side, and is comfortable sitting in the eye of the storm. As much as our power comes from amplifying our light, everything in this life operates in a system of duality. Making friends with your darkness exposes you to the full spectrum of your emotions, which ultimately, helps you bring back the “human." Letting yourself feel depression, bliss, sadness, joy, happiness, and more raises your quality of life where you’re able to be in tune with your feeling and intuition. Making decisions from a place of alignment and grace. 

— Rituals practice:

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This article was written by Tristan Thibodeau. Tristan is the Brand Strategist and CEO behind the leading brand and marketing agency, Wild Womn Haus. She supports womn who find it their purpose to disrupt their industry, be a REBEL, inspire global impact, and leave behind a legacy as a female CEO.


This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. The views expressed in the article are the views of the cited guest/expert and do not necessarily represent the views of PRISM.


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