Whitney's 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Raise your Vibration

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It's very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the wellness to-dos out there. Sometimes you just need a return to your centre by doing the simple things that make you feel good! Whitney Rose is breaking down her top 5 vibe-elevating-tools for when you're in a pinch and need a frequency boost!


Breath is life, our life source.  Breath is the only thing that you cannot go without for long periods of time.  Mediating and mindful breathing calms your nervous system and so many other vital functions in the body.  When you feel anxious, overwhelmed or straight up in a bad mood you can change your emotional and physical state by controlling your breath which will bring about a greater feeling of peace.  This spiritual practice helps raise your vibration so quickly that you can enjoy the benefits immediately. 

There are many breathing methods to try but you can start right now by simply taking in a slow deep breath from the belly through your chest and holding it for a few seconds with a big audible release and repeating this for a few minutes and notice how quickly you feel better allowing yourself to be more present and grounded.



Stop focusing on what you don’t have and focus on what you do have! You must first believe that what you want already exists; you just haven’t received it yet. 

Literally stop what you are doing and look around the room or the environment you are in and start calling out things or people that you are grateful for.  When you send gratitude into the universe the universe sends you back positivity, love and light. It will not only help change your mental and emotional state in the moment but it will also raise your vibration within the universe and allow you to attract more abundance and manifest what you truly desire.  I am not kidding, try it!  But don’t forget that it works for both positive and negative energy, that is why it is essential to practice gratitude. 

Whenever I catch myself feeling overwhelmed or having negative feelings and thoughts I take a deep breath and start focusing on everything amazing that I already have.  This keeps me grounded and raises my vibe for the rest of the day.  I do the same for my children.  Whenever they start to whine, complain or reel defeated I make them do the same thing and it literally shifts the entire mood in the house.

Even in hard times, we have so much to be grateful for. 


Eat High-Vibe Food

I have learned to become an initiative eater.  If my body is telling me it needs something, I feed it the thing it needs.  Sometimes it may be more protein, more veggies, more fruit or eliminating something from my diet.  I have become so in tune with my body I can now sense what supplements I am needing at the time.. like more Vitamin D, magnesium or whatever it may be I follow what my body tells me.   Sounds crazy but it's true and you can learn to do it too. 

You must first ask yourself if you are eating to live, or living to eat.  I know, the question everyone hates.  It is important to understand that everything you consume is called prana, or life force energy. (You may have heard of this in a yoga class before). The concept is to not eat dead food  which would be foods that are processed, meat loaded with hormones etc. Rather, eat plenty of nutrient-dense or prana-rich foods, like local and organic fruits and vegetables, your body literally absorbs these things, making you more light, vibrant, and alive. High-vibration food makes a person’s vibration higher.


Move your Body 

Move the energy through your body and cleanse your aura often. If you are feeling stuck, tired or sad, get up and move your body.  Do a quick 20 jumping jacks, shake your entire body (you may feel silly but do it anyway) , dance to your favorite song, sway side to side whatever you need to do to get a quick fast movement through your entire body -DO IT!  

It is essential to let energy flow through your body, we want to move “stuck energy” plus movement releases serotonin which will help you feel happy.  This is why I exercise often. It is critical for your physical, mental and emotional health.  It not only keeps your physical body healthy but it raises your vibration— 

EVEN BETTER get some exercise in the great outdoors! Enjoy and benefit from all of the beautiful things that Mother Nature has created for us.  Let the sun shine on your face while you get your heart pumping. It is important to take a break from the constant stimulation and exposure of electricity and technology. 

A few minutes spent mindfully outdoors can completely shift your mood and attitude, which is why going for a walk around the block when you’re having a mental block, feeling anxious or struggling to make a decision getting outside can be so beneficial.


Drink plenty of water 

If you are feeling low or tired, drink a few glasses of water and notice your body feeling better and gain more energy.  Our body is made up of roughly 60-75% water and water is a conductor of energy, which means energy flows through it.  Whether you are feeling like you are tired, unsatisfied or have a headache - try drinking water before anything else because you are most likely dehydrated!

I try to drink my bodyweight in water everyday.  Meaning 1 ounce of water to one 1 pound of body weight. Seems dramatic and may not be reasonable for everyone but it is a good goal to shoot for.  When you drink enough water you feel better, have more energy, your skin and body functions improve and you crave less.  Water cleanses your body and helps protect it.  

If you were to ask my kids what I say to them every time they complain of not feeling well, being tired, or want a treat.. I say “DRINK WATER!”

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