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Being a Mother is definitely one of the biggest challenges and learning curves I have ever experienced in my life with the BIGGEST reward. As parents we have the responsibility to teach our children how to be the best versions of themselves. 

In honour of Mother's Day I wanted to share a few tips on how I mindfully and intentionally parent. I am by no means a parenting expert, just sharing what has worked well for my family. 

3 Tips for Conscious & Intentional Parenting:

Modelling Healthy Habits & Behaviours:

Children are such sponges, and are so curious. I know that my son is always listening and observing my every move. Which is why I intentionally model healthy behaviours in front of him. He sees me working out, journalling, meditating, cooking healthy meals, reading, setting goals, and continually striving to be the best version of myself.

He also sees me working hard at both of my businesses and that is something I have previously felt "mom guilt" over. However I have shifted my perspective on that, as it's how we're able to provide my son with an incredible life. It also shows good work ethics, determination and ambition which is nothing to feel guilty over. 

Quality 1:1 Time:

Everyone seems to be constantly on the go and busy these days, and our family is no different. However just like I prioritize my fitness, work & self care time. I also make sure to set aside time every single day to connect one on one with my son. Even if it's only for twenty minutes when I get home from work I make sure that he gets my undivided attention. We talk about our days, play monster trucks, colour, or cook dinner together and these moments are truly so important to connect with one another. I know that the more I do this, the more he communicates with me and feels truly heard. 

Self Care & Filling Your Own Cup:

This one took me awhile before I figured it out for myself. I was putting my family, my business, and what felt like everything else before myself. I was trying to be a superhero and do it all. However that's just a sure way to fast track yourself to major burnout. 

I got back to putting myself first, which means keeping up with my morning fitness and spiritual practice and taking the time to be alone whether it be to go to a yoga class, a walk, or just to take a peaceful bath. This time recharges my battery and allows me to not feel so frantic. When I do this I am able to fully show up as my best for everyone. I have more patience, more energy and more ability to be present.

I truly feel like there is such a stigma around what motherhood is "supposed" to look like these days, and I honestly can't stress enough that you need to do what feels right for you and your family.

We are blessed with an important responsibility of shaping these young people and who they will become. Keep on doing your best, and know that you're doing a fantastic job! 

Written by Chantelle O'Reilly co-founder of PRISM Lifestyle Co. and Co-Owner of JC Bradley Jewellers & Jewelry Expert. 


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