3 Spiritual Tips for Setting Intentions that Stick

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Whether you’re setting goals for a new year, new habits you want to create, a deeper spiritual connection you want to embody, emotional healing, or any tangible intentions around money, career, or physical fitness, raise your hands if you’ve been personally victimized by your own self-doubt. 

We’ve all set goals and intentions that don’t stick which can lead to losing trust in ourselves and our spiritual abilities, and sometimes you’re left wondering if this manifestation thing is even real. Was “The Secret” a big lie?!

Intentions and manifestations have been watered down to make them palatable for the mainstream world to understand, but lucky for you, we go deeper here. 

There are the quantum, deeper layers of intention setting that you won’t find in the basic blog and books. 

If you practice these 5 tips, your intentions won’t only happen faster, but the outcome will be even better than you imagined possible. 


1. Be real with yourself about where your intentions are coming from

You cannot be putting desperate vibrations into the Universe and expect to manifest high vibrational results. 

Often we set intentions based on our wounding or shadows. You want more money because you want to look cool on Instagram, you want to lose 15 lbs to post that bikini pic to make your ex jealous, you want that promotion or to start that business to make your parents proud of you and to “prove yourself”.

Now, let me clarify, we are not saying you can’t set intentions for more money, a snatched waist and a good career, but your intentions will not manifest in the way you want them to if you are putting them out there from a place of:

  • Insecurities  
  • A need for validation 
  • Revenge
  • Inner wounding 

Don’t worry, our next step will show you how to make those material things into spiritual things


2. Connect to the Love, Freedom and Bliss  in your desires 

In our intention setting ritual that comes with every piece of PRISM Jewelry, one of the first things we do is put you into a lucid state where you connect to your highest dimensional self to ask for your purest, highest intention.

What this does is it allows you to look at the desire from your heart rather than your ego. 

Take a moment today to look at your material desires and find the love in them. As humans, all we are ever really looking for is love, freedom and bliss. 

If you boil down any of your desires, they will be one of those 3 things. 

Create a vision in your head of the love, bliss and freedom that will happen when you 


3. Embody the emotions of your intentions

Okay, now that we are being real with ourselves about what we really want and why we want it, we can start to really vibe with it! 

You created the vision in step 2, but the vision is nothing without attaching your emotions to it. 

When your vibration matches your intentions you become a human magnet pulling them into your physical reality (we will go into the science of this in a later post, but you don’t need to know how it works for it to work).

Thoughts (your visions) create emotions.

Emotions create vibrations. 

Vibrations create manifestations. 


4. Identify and transmute your doubts

Now you’re vibing with what you want, you’re feeling great, but what happens if doubt starts to creep in?

Know that your doubts are not your highest self speaking, they are your ego trying to convince you that you’re a past version of yourself. 

They are old tapes we are re-playing in the mind from your past, or even someone else's past that you have latched onto. Every doubt can boil down to one of these core emotions:

  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of becoming too happy and making the people around you upset that you are happier than them
  • Fear of being abandoned 
  • Fear of being a burden 
  • Fear of lack (but even this boils down to not being good enough because you would know if you felt worthy of more money you would make it happen)

I highly suggest reading the book by Gay Hendrix, The Big Leap where he discusses these fears and how they get in the way of our elevation.

Look at every doubt that pops up and what you’re making it mean about yourself. 

Identify how old you were when this “tape” was created in your mind. See that version of you that still believes this as that age, it’s not the real you that now has a higher level of consciousness. 

When you can detach from the emotional charge of that trigger reaction and view it as an observer of your past self, you can stay in your highest consciousness and keep the manifestations coming from that higher vibe place!

BONUS TIP: How to Set Intentions with Your PRISM Jewelry

Each piece of PRISM jewelry comes with our PRISM intention setting ritual. Of course you have to really be in the ritual, present and tuned in for the activation to work in the most potent way, but I am giving you a sneak peak of how it works. 

Step 1: Get yourself into a trance state where your consciousness is centered in your heart 

Step 2: Connect your highest self

Step 3: Ask your highest self what intentions would support your highest alignment 

Step 4: Feel the emotion of these intentions and let their vibrations fill up your body 

Step 5: Infuse those vibrations into your PRISM Jewelry

Step 6: Feel the pulsing of the vibration-packed jewelry enter your heart

Step 7: Declare that you are open to receiving vibrational, spiritual, emotional and mental up-levels from your jewelry every time you wear it

Step 8: Let it all integrate, put on your PRISM jewelry and feel like a Goddess! 

Shop PRISM Jewelry now and get your intention setting ritual!



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