Amazonite Truth Necklace

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Amazonite Truth Necklace - The blue Amazonite stone activates your throat chakra so you can speak your truth with confidence and clarity while bringing a soothing effect to your nervous system.

The Bermuda Cruise Collection is a curated collection inspired by the beaches of Bermuda and the mysteries they hold. It features natural stones & ancient symbols to bring peace to stormy weather.

1.2cm Amazonite Stone, Stainless Steel plated in 18K Gold, 16"-18" Adjustable Chain

Designed & Made in China - This is a curated collection (not designed in house) and is brought together an affordable fashion collection made from stainless steel.

Every piece of PRISM jewellery is exquisitely crafted with ethically sourced diamonds, and gemstones.
All the stones are handset, no matter the size ensuring only the best quality.
PRISM jewellery is 100% nickel free, and made of the finest metals.