There's never been a better time to heal.



Whitney is the Co-Founder of PRISM, Founder of Wild Rose Beauty, Co-Host of Wild Rose Podcast, and you may have seen her on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!

She has bravely shared her spiritual healing story with the world and is passionate about inspiring others do the healing work that it takes to find peace and alignment in their lives.



Amber-Lee Lyons is the Co-Founder of PRISM, Founder of Chakra Girl Co., Creator of the Rituals by Chakra Girl Meditation App, and Host of Chakra Girl Radio.

She has been teaching women to balance their chakras and manifest their most purposeful lives for over 7 years and is a powerful healer, intuitive and channel.



Chantelle O'Reilly is the Co-Founder of PRISM, Jewelry Designer and Expert, and Co-Owner of JC Bradley's Jewelers, in Britsh Columbia Canada.

She has been in the jewlery industry for 17 years, with extensive experience in design, production, and sourcing the highest quality metals and gemstones.


PRISM is Your Guide to a Modern, Spiritual Lifestyle

Our products & content are intentionally created for free-thinking spiritual women who trust their intuition over everything. We are breaking the barriers of mainstream narratives & inviting in higher consciousness perspectives.

Our Jewelry is Intentional

Every piece of PRISM jewelry is created with a specific intention in mind to support collective healing. As you wear our jewelry, you change your vibration. Our products are exquisitely crafted with the highest quality and ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones and metals.

Our Words are Inspirational

We believe that the content we ingest directly affects your vibration & the way you see the world so we strive to share high-frequency topics, tools and tips to support your alignment and your modern spiritual lifestyle.


When you Adorn yourself, you Vibrate Higher.