You are the "Statement Queen"

Your Manifestation Style

  • You dream BIG and make your desires part of your identity so everyone knows what miracles are making their way to you
  • You speak you manifestations into existence
  • You aren’t afraid about what anyone thinks of you, and you’re always making a bold statement

What you need to work on to be an even better Manifestor

  • Be careful to only share your manifestations with people who wish you well, and if you really feel you want to shout them off the rooftops, make sure you’re putting on your spiritual armour
  • Practice conscious manifestation, make sure the thing on your list of desires feed your soul, not just your ego
  • Remember that the more you manifest, the more you inspire others. If you focus on being the change you want to see in the world, rather than just focusing on your individual benefits, you can change the world, and the Universe will reward you ten fold!

Top Jewelry Picks for the Statement Queen

These pieces from our Delusional collection are made special for Statement Queens like you! They are as big, bold and iconic as your personality, and give that 90's supermodel vibe to elevate your confidence and self-adoration (because you deserve it!)