You are "In Your Bubble"

Your Manifestation Style

  • You have created a regimented manifestation practice that includes having a very clear vision for the life you desires
  • You take consistent, aligned action towards your manifestations and goals and aren’t waiting around for them to fall in your lap
  • You set solid boundaries and don’t let temptations knock you off your game

What you need to work on to be an even better Manifestor

  • Speak your manifestations into reality and share them with others. You may be scared to share your manifestation desires with other because you’re afraid they will burst your bubble! This is a sign you need to work on strengthening your TRUST, not just work other people, but with the Universe!
  • Remember that manifestation is a co-creation between you and the divine. The more you try to control the outcome, the harder it is to receive the miracles coming to you
  • Remember to have fun with your manifestation practice! Miracles flow in when you are in a state of presence and ease, not hustle!

Top Jewelry Picks for the In Your Bubble Queens

These pieces from our Delusional collection are made special for In-Your-Bubble Queens, as a reminder that your aura is a bubble of energy around you, and you need to keep that frequency high, intentional and pure in order to attract the life you desire. Wrap yourself in a bubble of love, shine it outwardly into the world, be gracious and generous, then watch the blessing flow into your life.