You are a "Delusional Girl"

Your Manifestation Style

  • You dream BIG and make your desires part of your identity so everyone knows what miracles are making their way to you
  • You know that being realistic is basic, and you deserve the best
  • You are devoted to your spiritual practices and know that infinite possibilities are available to you through your connection with the divine

What you need to work on to be an even better Manifestor

  • Create an action plan! Yes, manifestation shouldn’t be difficult, but when you move you energy towards your goals, you open up new pathways to receive miracles
  • Remember that you are worthy of love and a beautiful life, and that manifesting material things doesn’t validate you. You are worthy NOW, not just when the manifestation lands
  • Remember that your identity is in the magic of your heart & soul, not in your possessions of how people see you on Instagram. Make sure you’re setting your focus on manifestations that your soul is craving, not that your ego is craving

Top Jewelry Picks for the Delusional Girl

These pieces from our Delusional collection are made special for Delusional Queens like you! The Delusional Collection is your reminder to dream bigger and to honour the infinite potential of the Divine. We curated pieces that are not only this season's hottest trend, they are a reminder to be bold & unapologetic in your desires and actions.