You are a "Purpose Priestess"


You are on a mission to fulfill your soul's purpose, guided by intuition and a deep sense of inner knowing. Your presence is grounded and centered, inspiring others to find clarity and direction in their own lives.


You are currently in the Spring season, symbolizing renewal, growth, and the awakening of your inner purpose and new adventure. Now is the perfect time to plant seed for new ventures and ideas so they can blossom!

Alignment Tips:

Set aside time for meditation and reflection to connect with your inner wisdom.

Align your actions with your values and intentions, staying in discipline and integrity on your path.

Trust in divine timing and surrender to the flow of the universe.

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Top Jewelry Picks for the Purpose Priestess:

jewelry for your intentions: north star collection

Your North Star your guidance to your highest purpose. When you put your energy into living a virtuous life you have access to the highest guidance towards your most abundant and spiritual fulfilling life, but when you put your energy into chasing abundance you manifest roadblocks.

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