You are a "Mystic Maven"


You are attuned to the mysteries of the universe, weaving magic into every aspect of your life. Your intuition is your greatest ally, guiding you on a journey of spiritual exploration and growth.


You are currently in the Winter season, symbolizing a deep dive into introspection, spiritual exploration, and preparation for transformation. Now is the perfect time to allow yourself to rest, be patient and do the healing work you need before you dive into your next phase in life.

Alignment Tips:

Dive deep into your spiritual practices and honour your gifts.

Start stretching your intuition by trusting the guidance that comes through for you and following it.

Stay open to synchronicities and signs from the universe, knowing that you are always supported.

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Top Jewelry Picks for the Mystic Maven:

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The symbolic meanings of the ancient teachings of the cosmos supports you in understanding your behaviours and personality traits to overcome any misalignment and to step into your highest spiritual calling. Use your jewelry as a reminder of your spiritual journey & your highest purpose.

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